Center for Service & Sustainability

At Champlain College, sustainability is a central value infused throughout our other core values of distinctive excellence, innovation, human touch, global engagement, diversity and inclusion. The Center for Service & Sustainability connects Champlain College students with the broader community in ways that provide educational opportunities to reflect, learn and work toward a flourishing world for all.

Service Learning & Leadership

The Center for Service & Sustainability provides students with leadership opportunities, such as the Eco-Reps program, as well as international service trips and resources for sustainable living practices, which they will develop while at Champlain. The Center also guides faculty through professional development workshops, coaching and resources, so they can include service learning in their courses. Overall, the Center works to empower the members of our learning community to advance social justice and responsible environmental stewardship locally and globally.

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"I've come to find that service learning is the key factor in our students getting paid more in their first destination after college. You've heard of that phrase, "Salary commensurate with experience." Service learning, if marketed correctly, is indeed counted as experience in the eyes of the employer."

—Mark Zammuto // Assistant Director, ITS and Recruitment Technology Management for Career Collaborative