Lynne Eyberg

Lynne Eyeberg
(802) 865-8438 | Business Development Manager


Lynne Eyberg is the Business Development Manager in the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College. Over the past twenty years she has worked in corporate, non-profit and education sectors including for companies such as Home Box Office, Reader's Digest, Weekly Reader and several new media agencies. Lynne's interest in designing digital content for targeted audiences and experimenting with new technologies led her to earn her MA in Information and Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado. Before joining Champlain College in August of 2014, Lynne worked for the State of Vermont as an Education Technology Project Manager in the Agency of Education. The projects that she has developed range from entertainment and marketing products to digital classroom materials; all utilizing current and developing technologies to engage and enrich their respective audiences. Lynne is committed to supporting the ever-increasing role of emergent technologies in learning environments.