How to Commission Work

Whether you are an organization looking to bring an educational technology concept to life or an industry professional wishing to collaborate with a team of faculty and student developers, consider bringing your next media challenge to the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College.

These joint initiatives advance the collaborative process between academia and the industry. They encourage the possibility of industry/faculty exchanges and sabbatical experiences for both Champlain faculty and for game industry employees. They also provide an opportunity to make student connections for a company's future workforce.

You'll have the opportunity to work with students and faculty from a range of disciplines and backgrounds as a sponsor. You'll get the chance to educate—and be educated—as our students reach into organizations to discover all that is possible. The Center will work with you to address issues directly related to your organization's specific needs and interests, and will maintain all levels of confidentiality through this process.

There are many ways to become involved with the EMC:

  • Work with the EMC to design, build, and bring your digital media project to life.
  • The EMC Student Fellows Program - sponsor a student at the Center for one academic year.
  • The EMC Technology Lab - help fund the technology needs of the Center to ensure that our students remain on the cutting edge of digital media.
  • The EMC Mobile Apps Development Lab - help fund the work of student teams devoted to mobile application development (either client- or student-devised content)
  • The EMC Incubator Space - sponsor and invest in a team of young entrepreneurs to produce a promising and innovative concept or prototype and bring it to market

Such partnerships create opportunities for all Champlain students, regardless of their degree program, to contribute a range of talents to every project. Graduate students become project managers; Business students market EMC products; Education students inform content creation for best learning practices; Software Engineering, Game Art, Game Design, and Digital Film students all act as part of student teams working on Center projects.

Sponsors, students, and faculty can all benefit from this collaborative exploration of media and technology, which pushes us to think critically about community, creativity, team work, leadership, and professionalism.

To sponsor a project through the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College:

Please complete our Business Development Intake Form here for your initial inquiry. 

To see a list of our past and present partners, please click here.