Champlain College & Generator Makerspace Partnership

What is a makerspace, you might ask? The simple answer is that makerspaces are experiential environments where people share tools and knowledge to make almost anything. They are spaces where people from across disciplines and interests evolve ideas and collaborate on projects at the intersection of art, technology and entrepreneurship.

In Fall 2019, Champlain College expanded our partnership with the Generator Makerspace, Burlington's community makerspace located across from the Miller Center at Lakeside. This partnership increases the scope of maker experiences for students, faculty and staff by offering the Champlain community access to a variety of hand, power, and electronic tools—including 3D printer, 3D scanner, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, large format photo printer, high-end sewing machine, as well as wood shop and metal shop fee-based training.

Within Generator, Champlain faculty, students, and staff have access to the Flex Space, a 3000+ square foot mixed-use experiential space. The Flex Space is divided into four quadrants that include:

  • Maker Zone: a dedicated makerspace for Champlain students, faculty, and staff projects and classes that complements Generator resources. Membership to Generator is required to use the Maker Zone.
  • VR/AR Studio: this quadrant contains VR/AR equipment provided by Generator. Membership to Generator and VR/AR Studio certification are required.
  • Two open quadrants: can be reserved individually or together for a variety of uses such as lectures, classes, productions, art projects, exhibitions, and gatherings. A mounted projector, podium and PA system, and folding chairs are available.

Information about Champlain's Maker Zone and Flex Space can be found in the Champlain Community Flex Space FAQ

For use policies and release forms, please access the following links:

Information about Generator membership, orientation, and trainings for Champlain faculty, students, and staff can be found at the Generator web site.

For questions about the Maker Zone, contact

For questions about the Flex Space, contact