Professional Service Offerings

The Leahy Center for Digital Investigation & Cybersecurity is a world-class digital forensics laboratory where select students from Champlain’s undergraduate and graduate programs work alongside Champlain’s digital forensics professionals on projects involving cybercrime, digital forensics, and information assurance. The Center has clients from both the public and private sector.

Services provided by The Leahy Center include:

Data Recovery

Has an employee mistakenly delete a file? Did they delete work email or files before leaving for a competitor? In cases like these, it is important to entrust valuable data to professionals who do this as a career, not a hobby.  The Leahy Center works on computers, phones, portable drives, and any data devices to recover what was once lost.

Need help recovering data? Please download and submit to the LCDI this Request for Assistance form.

Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement Professionals

For years a core focus of The Leahy Center has been supporting Vermont state and local law enforcement. In that vein, the center provides support to these agencies, whether it be building a backup system for their SAN, designing a forensic field response vehicle, or determining how to best analyze the latest piece of technology encountered in an investigation.

Expert Analysis for Law Firms

In today’s society technology plays a part in almost every crime. To ensure the digital data is properly examined, cataloged, and interpreted in a prompt and cost-effective manner, utilizing experts with the training and latest forensics technologies is essential. The Leahy Center is built to international standards and has experts on its staff from all over the world with expertise in a variety of backgrounds.

Organizational Investigations & Examinations

Almost every organization relies on technology to remain competitive in today’s economy. Employers need to protect themselves by having policies and procedures in place regarding the recording, storage, and retrieval of digital records. Contact the LCDI for help creating a clear cybersecurity plan. The LCDI can also aid an organization in determining if an internal crime has been committed and to what extent.

Research & Development

The Leahy Center team is always working on projects that lead to new or improved cyber investigations, forensic procedures, or products. Recent research projects include developing acquisition methods for the Amazon Kindle and information security projects for the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  All R&D endeavors are conducted by Champlain College faculty, staff, and select supervised students working at the center.

Security Operations Center

The Leahy Center  has a Security Operations Center (SOC) consisting of students who use cybersecurity and digital forensics skills to create, build, maintain, and monitor systems internally for the LCDI and externally for clients' to identify and respond to threats. In addition to this, the SOC team also researches methods of security improvement for the LCDI and its clients. This team puts forth proactive and reactive efforts that reinforce the infrastructure of the center and external clients' digital security, and in turn prevents incidents or threats. The team is broken down into two areas of focus:

Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) deals with troubleshooting, software updates and distribution, router and domain management, and performance monitoring. It is also responsible for tracking infrastructure health, security, and capacity on a client's environment. The NOC team makes decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

Security Operations Services

The Security Operations Services (SecOps) is a team that provides security monitoring sevices for clients. It also works to analyze data to scan for threats and prepares to respond with necessary digital forensic and cybersecurity techniques. SecOps develops solutions to these potential security threats while also researching new and emerging technology that will benefit both the center and its clients. 

To learn more about the services we provide, or to discuss how we can assist you, contact us at or (802) 865-5744.