Research Projects

Application Analysis

Web Applications are applications that run off internet resources, where all needed resources are downloaded at start time. With the rise of internet technology integration within business and personal life, these apps have become a prominent factor in everyday life. [Spring 2017] [Fall 2017] [Fitbit]

Bluetooth Tracking Analysis

This project aimed to identify and track discoverable and undiscoverable Bluetooth devices throughout a building using tools such as Ubertooth, BlueHydra, and a Python script.  [Spring 2018]

Mobile Forensics

The goal of this project is to determine what artifacts are left by World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and PlanetSide 2 when using their in-game text chat systems. [PDF] [PDF

Windows Fall Creator

Windows releases updates containing new features for their machines consistently. This project covered one of those features, "Pick Up Where I Left Off". [PDF]

Intern Projects

Projects design to give exposure to fundamentals of digital forensics, cybercrime and cybersecurity to first year or new students at Champlain College. Interns obtain practical experience working in a real-world, hands-on setting while applying knowledge learned from coursework. Here is a summary of what the interns have accomplished each semester. 

Raspberry Pi Cyber Project

Raspberry Pi Forensics Project

HackRF One Tutorials [Videos] [PowerPoint]

 Tool Evaluation - FA 2017

Network Scanner

 Tool Evaluation: Elcomsoft

Online Business Security