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Who Can Work at The Leahy Center?

The Leahy Center offers a variety of internship, work-study, and non-work-study positions. We offer advanced, practical experiences to students majoring in Computer Science, Digital Forensics, and Cybersecurity, and abundant opportunities to those interested in Marketing, Graphic Design, and Professional Writing.

Anyone who is majoring in the aforementioned fields, or is interested in beginning in these fields, can apply to work at The Leahy Center. Some experience is suggested but not required. The Leahy Center would love to be a step in helping students meet their future goals.

Positions Available at The Leahy Center


Research Projects

See a list of the Leahy Center research projects that will be conducted this semester. During your interview to work at The Leahy Center, you'll have an opportunity to discuss which top three projects you're interested in joining. The projects are designed with specific majors in mind, but are open to any student who wants to learn.


Technical Internship for School Credit

Students obtain practical experience in a real-world setting while applying knowledge learned from coursework. With on-site supervision, students will work 6-9 hours a week in the legendary Leahy Center at Champlain College.

If you're interested in a technical internship, please read the job descriptions:

PLEASE NOTE:The Leahy Center has modified the process in which Workforce members apply to and are placed into positions. Interested applicants will be directed to apply for the FOR 190 and/or FOR 191 internship class. This class is a prerequisite for all positions, starting in Spring 2017. Due to our ever-changing mission, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact Managing Director, Joseph Williams at


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