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What's In Your Education? A Guide to Choosing the Right Online College

If you're like most American adults, chances are you've thought about going back to school at some point in your life.

Many adults look to online learning first when they're beginning their back-to-school journeys, for the many benefits it offers for working professionals with families and busy schedules, but soon become overwhelmed by the number of choices available to them.

If you're looking to go back to school online, how do you ensure that you're selecting a program that will set you up for success? You need to learn what's in your education, and follow some simple guidelines to assess the quality and integrity of any given institution.

Our guide on determining "What's in Your Education" covers the key things you need to consider during your online college search, including:

  • Regional vs. national accreditation
  • Non-profit vs. for-profit status
  • Legacy and reputation
  • Educational approach
  • The admissions process