Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance listed below represents an estimate of the total costs associated with attending Champlain College for three semesters.  The budget includes tuition (which is the only item you will be billed for), an estimate for the purchase of books, average loan fees and a standard monthly allowance for living expenses. Full-time enrollment is defined as 12 credits per semester.  

Part-TimeSummer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
Tuition* $1,908 $1,908 $1,908
Books $250 $250 $250
Living Expenses ($1,463 per month) $5,852 $5,852 $5,852
Average Loan Fees $48 $48 $48
Total $8,058 $8,058 $8,058

Example assumes enrollment in 6 credits per semester (3 credits each mini-session), each semester is 4 months.