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Disruption: Education Done Right

by Mika Nash |  August 7, 2017

Disruptive innovations are, by design, meant to cause people to think completely differently about something - a product, a behavior, a demographic, a service. Education, done right, does just that.  READ MORE >>

Students throwing graduation caps into the air


The Benefits of Going Back to School: Higher Earning Potential for College Graduates 

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 24, 2017

Making the decision to go back to school to earn a degree can be difficult, and you may find yourself wondering if it's really worth it. While there are many meaningful benefits associated with getting a degree, perhaps the most quantifiable is the earning potential for college graduates as compared with those with no degree.  READ MORE >>

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Champlain College Online Student Stories: Vanessa 

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 20, 2017

Learn more about the Champlain College Online experience from our students themselves. Vanessa Goodwin '17 enrolled at Champlain after a twenty-year hiatus from higher education to fulfill her long-held personal goal of obtaining her bachelor's degree, and to access new professional opportunities. Just a few years later, she had been promoted at work, and was graduating with both a bachelor's and a master's in Health Care Administration.  READ MORE >>

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10 Top Reasons to Go Back to School This Fall

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 19, 2017


If you've been considering going back to school to start or finish your degree, it might feel like it's never the right time: when you're busy with family commitments and work responsibilities, finding the time to fit school in can seem like an impossible challenge. That's why there's no better time than right now to take the plunge! With back-to-school season quickly approaching, your degree is likely on your mind, and there's still time to apply for a fall start. Need convincing? Here are the top reasons to go back to school this fall.  READ MORE >>

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Champlain College Online Student Stories: Leslie

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 17, 2017

Learn more about the Champlain College Online experience from our students themselves. Leslie Alexander Nakashima '17 decided transition from being a small business owner to joining the corporate world, and quickly found that not having a degree would stand in the way of her career change. After forty years away from higher education, she enrolled at Champlain to pursue a Bachelor's in Integrated Studies.  READ MORE >>

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The ABCs of College Applications for Adult Students

by Melissa Marcello |  July 15, 2017

Many adult students are intimidated by the college application process, and are afraid they won't "do it right." Luckily, it's a simpler process than you might think - it's just important to know what schools are looking for, especially those designed to serve adult learners. Melissa Marcello, Executive Director of Champlain College Online, breaks down what to keep in mind as you're applying to a degree program.  READ MORE >>

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How To Change Careers At Any Age 

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 13, 2017

There are many valid reasons for wanting to start a new phase in your career, whether they be personal or financial, and any concerns you may have can and should be overcome if you have a real desire to make a change in your life. Finding a new career is a realistic and attainable goal–simply follow our simple steps to figure out how to make a transition happen for yourself.  READ MORE >>

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The Top 5 Ways To Pay For Your Online Education

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 9, 2017

Students have more options than ever to help them pay for their online education, and cost doesn't have to be a barrier to you achieving your goals and obtaining your degree. Don't let money stand in your way: here are some of the best ways to pay for your online education.  READ MORE >>

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Using Employer Tuition Assistance to Pay For Your Online Education

by Sonya Krakoff |  July 5, 2017

Employers are looking for ways to retain employees, help them grow in their careers, and give them new pathways to meet their professional goals. Employer tuition benefits are a win-win solution for both the employee and the employer.  READ MORE >>