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Your Common Admissions Questions, Answered

by Emily Fenuccio

The process of applying to college can leave many adult students with questions; here are some of the most common, with answers to help guide you through the admissions process. READ MORE >>

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Why Our Community College Partners Matter Now More Than Ever

by Emily Fenuccio

On April 10, 2018, Champlain College hosted the inaugural Adult Student Transfer Conference. While we have always valued the pathways that community colleges create for students who come to Champlain Online for a bachelor's degree, this conference made it clear how much our partnerships with community colleges matter now more than ever. READ MORE >>

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How to Maximize Your Transfer Credits

by Emily Fenuccio

As education paths shift and change, many people have college experiences that span multiple institutions or experiences. This is increasingly true for adult or non-traditional students who often are returning to college after some time away, and have found themselves with a set of seemingly disparate credits that don't clearly apply to a specific major. The solution? You don't have to start from scratch: maximizing your transfer credits is an easy way to get ahead. READ MORE >>

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Slay Your College Admissions Essay With These Easy Tips

by Melissa Marcello

Adult students are often intimidated by the prospect of writing an admissions essay. But the process is much simpler than you might have imagined!  READ MORE >>

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The ABCs of College Applications for Adult Students

by Melissa Marcello

Many adult students find the college application process daunting, and are afraid they won't "do it right." Luckily, it's a simpler process than you might think - it's just important to know what schools are looking for, especially those designed to serve adult learners. Melissa Marcello, Executive Director of Champlain College Online, breaks down what to keep in mind as you're applying to a degree program.  READ MORE >>