Online MS Accounting Curriculum

The Champlain College Online MS in Accounting courses are designed to meet the evolving needs of today's large, mid-sized and small businesses. Throughout the program, students will learn how to address challenges facing fast-moving, modern enterprises using an integrated approach and will immediately apply what they learn in their own workplaces, thus enhancing their value to the organization. The classes are designed to be completed in as few as 10 months (if taking 2 classes each 8-week term) or two years (if taking 1 class each 8-week term). 

MS Accounting Online Courses

Course #Course TitleCredits
ACCT 510 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements 3
ACCT 520 Risk & Performance Measurement 3
ACCT 530 International Dimensions of Accounting 3
ACCT 540 Advanced AIS 3
ACCT 550 Advanced Fraud and Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT 560 IT Auditing 3
Choose Certificate See List Below 12
Total Credits to Earn This Degree: 30


MS Accounting Certificate Options (Choose 1)

Advanced Management Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
MBA 506 Project Management 3
MBA 550 Managing Innovation through Information Technology 3
MBA 540 Group Dynamics, Communication and Negotiation 3

Plus one of the following:

MGMT 530 A Supply Chain Introduction 3
MGMT 515 Strategic Human Resource Management  3
Total: 12

Business Management Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
MBA 512 Self as Values-Driven Leader 3
MBA 516 Impact of Globalization on Business 3
MBA 524 Financial Decision Making for Management 3
MBA 521 Information for Decision Making, Business Analysis, and Performance Measurement 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 12

Conflict Management Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
CMGT 501 Negotiation 3
CMGT 502 Interpersonal Conflict 3
CMGT 504 Principles of Conflict Management 3
CMGT 510 Conflict Management Capstone 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 12

Employment Law Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
ELAW 505 Employment Law 3
ELAW 510 Employment Discrimination 3
ELAW 515 Labor Law 3
ELAW 520 Legal Aspects of Human Resources 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 12

Health Care Administration Certificate

There are additional admission requirements to enroll in this MBA Certificate. You will be required to have a minimum of 2 years work experience in a health care setting.  See the Health Care Administration Graduate Certificate admission requirements page for details.

Course #Course TitleCredits
HCMT 515 Health Care System Design and Innovation 3
HCMT 523 Health Care Information Systems 3
HCMT 535 Health Care Law 3
HCMT 545 Health Care Project Management 3
Total: 12

Human Resource Management 

Course #Course TitleCredits
MGMT 536 Human Resources Foundation 3
MGMT 545 Diversity & Creating a Culture of Inclusion 3
MGMT 555 Human Resource Analytics 3
MGMT 560 Coaching in the Workplace 3
Total:  12

Information Security

Course #Course TitleCredits
OPSC 502 Managing IT Risk 3
OPSC 516 Information Security Systems 3
OPSC 521 Threat Classification and Analysis 3
OPSC 531 Incident Response & Recovery 3
Total:  12

Leadership Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
MSEL 510 Leadership Foundation: Competencies and Core Values (15-week course) 6
MSEL 520 Organizational Change: Theory and Practice (15-week course) 6
Total:  12

Positive Organization Development Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
POD 500 Foundations of Positive Organizational Change 3
POD 530 The Art of Question: Inquiry-Based Change in Organizations 3
POD 560 Advanced Applications of Appreciative Inquiry 3
POD 570 Strength-based Assessment & Analysis Methods 3
Total: 12

Supply Chain Management Certificate

Course #Course TitleCredits
MGMT 530 A Supply Chain Introduction 3
MGMT 535 Strategic Procurement 3
MGMT 540 Inventory, Distribution and Logistics 3
MGMT 550 Supply Chain Strategy 3
Total: 12