Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the online MS in Accounting program at Champlain College Online, students will be able to:

  • Integrate financial information and a strategic perspective for decision making.
  • Critically assess an organization's accounting and IT internal controls to ensure sound financial information, to generate appropriate asset evaluation and/or to reduce the risk of fraud in an accounting system.
  • For a given scenario, appropriately integrate in-depth financial analysis and effective communication skills to accurately and clearly convey the resulting information to interested stakeholders.
  • Evaluate an establishment's progress toward meeting organizational goals by using quantitative and qualitative performance measures that take into consideration risks, internal controls and strategic objectives.
  • Evaluate a complex accounting system, including a review of internal controls, an investigation of its integration within the greater organizational IT system and a critical and thorough risk analysis of the accounting system.
  • Using a strong, integrated foundation of accounting knowledge, successfully propose appropriate techniques and evaluation tools to use for a given scenario.
  • Effectively research financial-related subject/information, synthesize the information and critically evaluate it so the results can be communicated to an audience in a professional, cohesive and logical way, effectively distinguishing fact from opinion.
  • Assess the ethical dimensions of financial-related decisions.
  • Evaluate financial information within the context of the organization, strategy and/or culture.
  • Develop a proficiency in a new business area to broaden and integrate a perspective beyond accounting expertise