Home Away From Home

Whiting Hall 
During their DFCS Academy experience, students will stay in double-occupancy rooms in Whiting Hall, one of Champlain's contemporary residence halls. Whiting is right in the heart of the Champlain College campus.  It features a beautiful stone fireplace in the large open lounge, a dining area and small study rooms. Right outside is a landscaped grass courtyard with outdoor tables, amphitheater seating and a paved area for skateboarding.  This is an air conditioned building and is handicap accessible.

IDX Dining Hall - Student Life Center

Eating Well

Your Academy experience will include all meals and snacks.  Most meals will be served in the spectacular dining hall of the IDX Student Life Center, offering all-you-can-eat buffet service featuring fresh, contemporary menus, often made with local Vermont products.  Champlain College is proud to be designated as a Fair Trade Campus, supporting our producing communities economically, socially, and environmentally.