The Academy Experience

Taking game ideas from concept to execution is a team effort, which is why real game industry studios revolve around collaboration.  The Champlain Game Academy immerses you in a workplace setting that replicates what you'll experience as a professional game developer.

Under the direction of professors The Champlain Game Academy will introduce you to all aspects of game development, including game design, game art and animation, programming, sound, testing and production.  The curriculum is modeled on the collaborative approach of The Game Studio cohort at Champlain College.   Students will have the opportunity to focus on their areas of special interest, and with the instruction of industry professionals will finish the Academy by co- creating a finished portion of a game.

Come to The Champlain Game Academy to explore the possibilities of the exciting and growing field  of Game Development. Get a head start on building a portfolio to pursue your passion after high school.

Champlain Game Academy Student testimonials

This program has solidified in me confidence in the quality of the education and life I would have here at Champlain. More than ever now I see this school as a necessary step to my future and will use it as a goal to encourage striving in academia and game studies.

I was already excited about Champlain College, after attending Champlain Game Academy and meeting the professors and being able to ask them question I am certain that I will be applying to Champlain Collage early decision.

Before Champlain Game Academy I planned on Majoring in Game Design and Minoring in Game Programming but after attending Game Academy I plan on Majoring in Game Programming and taking art classes on the side.

I came to this camp to learn if this is what i want to do with my life, I love both the campus and the program. It was an eye opening experience.

I learned a lot more about game development by attending the Game Academy than I ever could have hoped for. I learned that there is a lot of work to be done by making even a seemingly simple game. I also learned that as an artist, a lot of times a big portion of work that you spent a lot of time on often never gets used; but I learned to accept that and move on, even if I'm disappointed.

Champlain College was a top pick for me before the Academy, and the Academy reinforced my positive attitude towards Champlain College!

I think that designing interesting and unique systems for games and making something special is really interesting.

This game academy was very insightful. We were able to learn a whole lot about each section of the game development process.

Easily the best game academy I have been to as it is very well rounded and gives you the full experience.

I really liked the atmosphere of the dorm, and the niceness of the RAs.

Teaching Assistants were helpful in getting us to figure out how to solve a problem before having them do it.

Teachers were awesome and so were RAs!

Had a blast. RA's were fun and supportive, there was always something to do and I wasn't forced to do something I didn't want to for the most part.

This is a lot better than any of the other game programs I have been to.

All planned activities were fun and provided good opportunities to connect with the other students and RAs.

RAs were friendly and sociable with us, plenty of room in the study areas when socializing at the end of the day.

Great people, great activities, just down right amazing.

Everyone was really nice and fun to be around. There was more than enough space for everyone.

Champlain Game Academy Parent Testimonials

This was a terrific opportunity for our son to meet new people, further explore computer programming as a major and further explore Champlain as a top pick for his college enrollment choice.

Our son was very satisfied with the depth and breadth of the curriculum, and he felt it was superior to camps he has attended in the past. My husband and I are not familiar with this discipline and have nothing to compare it too, though we take our son's word that it was a great program! We would recommend it to others and would send him again next summer for the advanced program.

My son had a great time. Not only did he learn all about the game development process, he met some great kids with similar interests. He spent last night telling us everything he did. My husband and I were both amazed at what the curriculum covered. It has also helped him more broadly with what areas to pursue in college, along with being away from home and having to adjust to a roommate he has never met before.

I think my son had a great time — he is an incoming Freshman into the program and I think it gave him a good taste of what he's in for, so I'm glad I sent him.  I think the Game Academy has definitely prepared him better for entering freshman year at Champlain.

This program definitely provides both parents and students a better opportunity to make fact-based decisions related to future academic choices. It provides a level of confidence and comfort in a student's ability to succeed away from home and also helps provide students with a better understanding of what is involved with game development.

We are grateful for the experience for Andrew to live as a college student for two weeks and are confident he will be ready to go away to college next year. We are also happy his interests in game design were reinforced by the academic components of this program.

My daughter LOVED the experience and cemented Champlain as her first choice college come Fall registration.

Our son was impressed with Champlain College and had decided that Champlain was his top college choice after a winter open house visit. After his experience with the Game Academy program, he is determined to attend the Advanced Game Academy next year prior to entering college in the fall of 2018 as a Freshman.

Well run, great experience.

Overall it was a very positive, educational and beneficial experience for our son.

Thank you for pulling together such a rewarding experience for students and parents.

Our son had a great time, made new friends and returned home excited about a new potential college major/career choice.

It was an eye-opening experience for our son and ourselves. Worth every dime.

We are happy that he had the opportunity to attend. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Overall great experience that gave my child a fuller understanding of curriculum as well as campus life.