Majors, Minors & Specializations

Changing Your Major

It is not unusual to consider changing majors. Your Faculty Advisor, Academic Specialist and Career Coach are important resources to consult with prior to making any decisions. Begin by conducting a self-assessment with your Career Coach; they will help you define your interests, skills and values. If you haven't already, explore other majors using the College Catalog.

Requests for change of major should start with your current Faculty Advisor. Final approval of the change of major request rests with the division Dean responsible for the new program or that Dean's designee. The Dean will notify the appropriate Academic Specialist in the Registrar's office of the change of major.

Students who wish to change majors after being accepted and before the end of the first week of classes must contact the Admissions Office rather than the Registrar's Office. 

Adding a Minor

A minor is a career enhancement for students, different from a student's major or discipline. Some programs require that students select a minor.

  • Any minor is open to any student.
  • Minors will be 15-21 credit hours.
    • Students in 15-credit minors are required to complete 9 unique credits.
    • Students in 18-credit minors are required to complete 12 unique credits.
    • Students in 21-credit minors are required to complete 15 unique credits.

Refer to the College Catalog and click on Programs of Study to view the list of minor options.

After discussions with advisors, students may wish to select a minor from those available across all academic units. Students wishing to select a minor will do so using this online form.

It should be understood that the selection of a minor may extend the time needed to fulfill all course requirements, unless the minor is required.

Selecting a Specialization

A specialization is considered part of a student's major.

  • A specialization provides an opportunity for more depth within the discipline itself or within a component of the discipline.
  • Specializations are comprised of a minimum of 12 credit hours and are associated with a particular major only—either as required or optional.

Process for Choosing Specializations

Many programs either require or offer a specialization. Students should meet with their Faculty Advisor to discuss the selection of a specialization. Students should also check with their Faculty Advisor regarding the timing of this decision. Some programs require the selection be made at the end of the first year and others at the end of the second year. The Faculty Advisor will inform the Registrar's Office of the student's choice.