French & Spanish Language Placement

Effective for Fall Semester of 2018

All students enrolling in French or Spanish for the first time at Champlain College must take the Placement Exam.

Students planning to enroll in a French or Spanish class for the first time at Champlain College's Burlington or Montreal campuses must take the Placement Exam and enroll at the recommended course level. This is the most widely used placement test in the country and typically provides accurate placement.

However, if you believe that you were placed at the wrong level, please email the Languages Coordinator, April Howard, at You may also speak with the professor; if they believe you should be placed at a different level, they can authorize a level change.

Placement Exam Instructions and Link

Access the Placement Exam.

  1. Please use the password exactly as listed: Audeamus1
  2. Choose French or Spanish.
  3. After a successful login to the placement exam webpage, you will be asked to enter your name and ID number. Supply an email address to initiate an Exam record file. Please answer all the other questions on that page.
  4. Once the above personal information is entered, the computer will prepare the exam for you. The first screen briefly explains that you are to respond to multiple choice questions by selecting and confirming the letter of the correct answer. The exam takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on your level. To ensure you have understood the instructions, a sample exam question is given. After this screen, the exam begins. As you proceed through the exam, the computer selects and displays questions based upon your previous responses to previous items.
  5. At the conclusion of the exam, the computer displays your performance level. We recommend that you print a copy of the screen showing your score. Once you complete the placement exam, your score will also be sent directly to the Languages Coordinator at Champlain College (April Howard,
  6. Refer to the score matrix listed below for recommended course placement and register for that course.
  7. If your exam session is interrupted and you have not completed the placement exam, you must login again and enter your information EXACTLY as you did when you started the exam, and then click Resume.
  8. Students will take the placement exam only once. If taken multiple times, only the first score will be counted.

Placement Exam Scores and Levels

Score Recommended Level
< 226 French LAN 110 or Spanish LAN 120
226 - 300 French LAN 210 or Spanish LAN 220
301 - 370 French LAN 310 or Spanish LAN 320
> 370 Contact languages coordinator April Howard:
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If you don't think that the placement exam accurately reflects your language ability, please contact the Languages Coordinator, April Howard, ( to discuss the possibility of changing your placement.

Link to this FAQ

Depending on your exam score, this may not be possible. We may recommend that you speak with an instructor to determine the best option for you.

Link to this FAQ

You may not have fully completed and/or submitted your placement exam. You can log in to the exam again, fill in the top part as you did when you first took the exam, and then press the resume button. (This process also works if the exam is interrupted, as long as at least one question was answered). Then finish the exam and/or submit it, and register for a course at the correct level.

Or perhaps you are trying to enroll in a course below or above the level into which you tested. You can register for a course at the correct level, or contact us to discuss your placement.

It is also possible that you have not taken the necessary prerequisite course(s). Speak with your Advisor or the Registrar if you have questions about prerequisite courses.

Link to this FAQ