Fall 2020: Navigating Champlain

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives and the College feels different now than it did last year at this time. Things that were easy to find may now feel hard to locate, and you likely have many questions.  This page is designed to help you navigate the business of being a student at Champlain this fall.

Details here are subject to change and we'll do our very best to keep it updated in real time.  Please also keep a close eye on our COVID-19 website, where all our community updates are posted and archived, and where you find a frequently updated list of FAQs on topics ranging from academics and testing to dining and student employment.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a note at feedback@champlain.edu and we'll help you out.

Navigating Campus

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Campus buildings may be accessed by key-card only. For students who are taking classes on-campus, your ID badge will grant you access to campus facilities. If you need a new or replacement ID card contact compass@champlain.edu.

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Many Champlain offices have reduced on-campus staff this fall so you may be wondering where to turn for help. Please know that all offices are operational, we just might not be available to meet face-to-face. 

Here’s a short list access points for several popular departments:

  • Campus Public Safety: If you need help accessing your residence hall or an academic building or have a safety concern, start by calling Campus Public Safety at 802.865.6465.

  • Compass Student Services: We can help you with financial aid, billing and so much more. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you! Email us at compass@champlain.edu, text or call us at 802.992.1474

  • Counseling Center: Our counselors are just a click away and are happy to connect with you. Make an appointment.

  • Miller Information Commons: Yes! The library is open! Hours are listed here.

  • Student Health Center: Whether you’re concerned about COVID or need help managing a cold, the Health center can help. Call 802.860.2711 or email healthservices@champlain.edu. Answers to frequently asked questions and info on after hours care if available on our (new!) website.

  • SMART Space: Schedule an appointment for tutoring and coaching through TutorTrac or by emailing lvanwagner@champlain.edu.

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Health & Well-Being

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The Student Health Center is here to help. Visit our website for complete details about testing (including when and where and how you’ll get your results) and information on how to schedule an appointment if you’re feeling under the weather.

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Did you know you can see the daily menus for all the dining locations on campus on the new BITE by Sodexo-Universities mobile app? You can also use the app to order a meal that will be ready when you arrive.  Hours for IDX, Eats and our new grab-and-go location are available here

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The first thing you can do to hold others accountable is to politely ask them to change their behavior if it poses a risk to the individual or community. This can be as simple as pointing out directional signage if someone is walking the wrong direction in a one-way hallway, or asking an individual if they are aware of the facial covering requirements if they are not wearing a mask in a space where they should. Simply approach the individual or group and use the same tone you would when speaking with a friend. How you say it matters. Phrases like “Hi! It seems like you forgot to put your mask on,” or “Sorry, I’m afraid of getting sick. Can we please both take a step back?” strike a balance between friendliness and firmness.

It is important to note that shaming isn’t likely to work, but being respectful and kind will de-escalate potentially volatile situations and help ensure the safety of everyone involved. If an individual refuses to comply with guidelines or becomes combative, put your own safety first and remove yourself from the situation. If you identify a pattern from a particular person or group, or a particularly serious incident occurs, you should report your concerns by:

  • Safely contacting your RA if the violation occurs within your residence hall; or

  • Filling out this Incident Report Form; or

  • Calling Campus Public Safety at 802.865.6465 if the situation presents an immediate danger.

Once you make a report, the appropriate people will look into the potential violation to maintain the safety and health of our community.

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We understand that some students may want to take a semester or a year off from their studies. Here is the information you need to move forward:

Deferring your admission

Incoming first-year and transfer students can defer their admission by a semester or a year by contacting Diane Soboski at dsoboski@champlain.edu.

Withdrawing from Champlain

The college withdrawal process is for students who want to cease taking classes at Champlain.  The Registrar's Office is happy to discuss the withdrawal process with students during business hours, please contact us at registrar@champlain.edu or call 802.992.1474.  Learn more about withdrawing from the College here.

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Fall 2020 Course Standards describe the inclusion of both synchronous and asynchronous components in all courses this semester, which are designated as “Flex-Hybrid.” Each faculty member has autonomy to determine both the balance of a particular course’s synchronous and asynchronous components and their expectations for student participation in the synchronous component of the course. 

Faculty will clearly communicate attendance policies and expectations related to synchronous course participation at or before the start of the semester.  If a course attendance policy does not meet a student’s expectations, we invite students to contact their Academic Specialist to discuss alternative classes before our drop period closes.  

The add/drop periods allows students to make changes to their schedule without academic penalty.  No form is needed during this time and students should work with their academic specialist to make these changes.  After September 11, 2020, students will need to complete the Course Withdrawal Form to request to be withdrawn from a class.  Any courses dropped after September 11 will result in a W on your transcript.  Please complete this form and work with your Faculty Advisor and Academic Specialist to withdraw from a course.

  • The last day to add a class is September 9, 2020.
  • The last day to drop a class without academic penalty is September 11, 2020.
  • The last day to withdraw from a class, with academic penalty, is November 13, 2020.
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Living Off Campus

Many students are living off-campus this semester. We haven't forgotten about you! In addition to the off-campus living resources you'll find here, you'll find important information about COVID-testing (which you'll need to participate in if you want to come to campus for any reason), the health pledge and quarantine in this message.

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We realize that students might want campus spaces to attend virtual classes or study between classes.  The following spaces are available to you (please bring your fully charged laptops to outdoor spaces as they will not have available access to outlets):

  • Joyce 202 Classroom
  • Joyce 205 Classroom
  • Joyce 212 Classroom
  • Ireland 201 Classroom
  • Ireland 206 Classroom
  • Joyce 201 PC Lab
  • MIC 308 PC Lab
  • MIC Study Spaces-To book a room click here.
  • Gallery Lounge
  • Wick 100
  • Aiken Tent
  • Perry Tent 

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