Work-Study Hour Limitations

How many hours per week can I work?

The number of hours you may work per week varies depending on your award amount, pay rate, number of weeks remaining in the semester/year, and the number of jobs you work.

It is recommended you not exceed 20 hours per week from all combined jobs. However, over College breaks you may work a maximum of 37.5 hours per week if approved by your supervisor(s). No student may work in excess of 37.5 hours per week at any time.

Keep in mind that all numbers below are based on a $3,000 award amount and 30 weeks (as opposed to 15 weeks for a single semester). If you are not starting in the first week of classes, plan to work over breaks. Or, if your award amount is different, you should use the formula below the chart.

Student Contract Amount# of Weeks/Academic YearPay RateHours per Week
$3,000 30 $10.78 9.28
$3,000 30 $10.98 9.11
$3,000 30 $11.10 9.01
$3,000 30 $11.40 8.77
$3,000 30 $12.20 8.20
$3,000 30 $13.20 7.58

Use the following calculation for varying number of weeks or award amounts not included on the chart. To use this, you must know your remaining award balance if you have already been working:

Award amount ÷ number of weeks remaining ÷ rate of pay = available hours per week.

Example: $1,000 remaining award ÷ 13 remaining weeks ÷ $10.50 hourly rate = 7.33 hours per week.

If you are working more than one job, the hours you may work cannot exceed the hours per week in this calculation between all positions. You and your supervisors must track your earnings to be sure you do not exceed your award amount.

Contact Jackie Greer at in the People Center if you need help finding your remaining balance.