ID Cards

Your Champlain ID serves as your student ID, meal plan card, residence hall key, and even a debit card at certain on- and off-campus locations--so we want you to have a picture you love.

Get Started

Find or take a color picture of yourself that you are pleased with (no hats, no sunglasses!). The image should be cropped to a square with your face and upper shoulders centered and plenty of space around the sides and top. Neutral, solid backgrounds work best. It must be identifiably "you" or it will be rejected. Be sure to save the file as a .jpg.

Upload Your Photo

Follow these steps to upload your photo:

  1. Locate your student ID number. This number can be found by logging in to WebAdvisor and selecting "Student Planning." Your ID # is listed as "Colleague ID." Write down your ID number.
  2. Register with WebCard:
    a. Your username is your Champlain (Colleague) Student ID Number preceded by the number '82' (ex: 821234567).
    b. Enter your PIN number as your Champlain Student ID number, WITHOUT the 82.
    c. Enter a valid email and password
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you with instructions on completing the activation of your WebCard account.
  4. Once your WebCard account is activated, login and click Upload a Photo and follow the directions.
  5. You will receive an email indicating whether your photo was accepted or rejected. Please do not submit another photo after we have approved your first one. We will not accept another image after approval as we print the ID cards in advance to distribute at orientation.
  6. Your ID card will be available for pick-up at Orientation!