Academic Coaching Program

Academic coaches work with students on self-advocacy, goal clarification, motivation, mindfulness, time management, study skills and reading comprehension and help create personal plans for academic success.

Key to their work is a student-centered approach that builds self-advocacy and accountability and encourages students to fully engage with all of the resources and learning opportunities Champlain has to offer.

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Every Opportunity for Success

Students are busier and manage more competing priorities than ever before and their aspirations for themselves continue to grow. Through one-on-one sessions and small group workshops, Academic Coaching offers each student an opportunity to work with a professional who is trained in providing academic and motivational support, customized to each student's own strengths and goals.

We take pride in knowing that Champlain students are developing skills that not only provide short-term success at Champlain, but will be a valuable advantage as they progress professionally after graduation.

Academic Coaches Help Students

  • Create an environment in which students strengthen their self-advocacy skills.
  • Take ownership of their academic success.
  • Build their organizational skills using their own preferred methods and suggesting new ones.
  • Discover the benefits of mindfulness and its positive relationship to performance improvement.
  • Focus individual academic goals and help them identify the steps and means by which to reach them.
  • Develop strong time-management skills.
  • Improve reading comprehension and the ability to retain complex concepts.
  • Study and prepare for tests effectively.

What Are the Results of Academic Coaching?

  • Coached students express greater satisfaction with their college experience.
  • Coached students report progress toward academic goals.
  • Coached students report skill growth in organization, time-management, studying effectiveness and reading comprehension.
  • Coached students are typically more engaged in and take greater advantage of all that an institution offers.


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