Organization is a key factor in academic success. (You can’t maintain excellent grades if you keep losing your homework, right?) Give these methods a try if you’re not sure how to keep a project moving along or you need suggestions for keeping your papers in order.

Form Good Habits

Organized people? What are those? How do you become one? 

Keep Track of Assignments

These planners can help you stay on top of your homework, from planning through completion.

Keep Larger Projects On Schedule

Learn how to organize and break down your large, end-of-semester projects. (Pro tip: start planning as soon as you receive the assignment!)

Use a Master Notebook

Keep your papers, assignments and handouts organized and in a designated location where you can find them.

Know Your Grades

Do you know how your grades are shaping up so far? Take control of your transcript by knowing where you are and where you want to go—and how to get there! Here are some resources to help.