S.A.S - Secure Academic Success - Workshop Offerings for Fall 2019

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MIC 201

Title of Workshop  Date Time Facilitator
Open House Monday, Sept. 2 3:30-5pm Coaching and Tutoring Team
Time Management Thursday,  Sept. 5 7pm Heidi, Academic Coach
Accessing Accommodations Thursday, Sept. 12  12:30pm Anna, Office of Accessibility
MBTI - Group Dynamics Monday, Sept. 16  3:30pm Daphne, Career Collab
Goal setting Sunday, Sept. 22  7pm Heidi, Academic Coach
Note-taking Wednesday, Sept. 25  12:30pm Academic Support
Reading Strategies Monday, Sept. 30 12:30pm Academic Support
Midterm Review Thursday, Oct. 17 12:30 pm Academic Support
Procrastination Tuesday, Oct. 22  7pm Heidi, Academic Coach
Project Management Monday, Nov. 4 7pm Leslie, Academic Support
Test-Taking Strategies Tuesday, Dec. 3 7pm Lauren, Academic Support
Mindfulness Thursday, Dec. 5 12:30pm Neil, Academic Coach
Mindfulness Tuesday, Dec. 10 12:30pm Academic Coach
Mindfulness Thursday, Dec. 12 12:30pm Academic Coach

Please note that a minimum of 4 participants is required to facilitate a workshop.

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