Become a Consultant

We're biased, but we believe being a consultant in the Writing Center is the coolest on-campus job at Champlain College. If you consider yourself a writer, enjoy the talk and conversation surrounding writing and are a creative thinker with the ability to relate well to people, then a consultant job might be a good fit. Being a writing center consultant is not limited to Professional Writing majors at the college, though. Our consultants bring a wide-range of academic and life experiences to their work. We currently have consultants who major in a diverse set of programs ranging from Legal Studies to Game Design to Psychology. Because we believe multiple perspectives bring a richness to our work, we encourage and promote a diverse and inclusive staff.

Our hiring process is fairly selective as we typically have only a few openings each year. The timeline for hiring usually starts in early February when we solicit applications. By March 1, the selection committee will have looked at all the applications and selected the students we want to interview. These interviews will take place in early March and new consultants will be selected by Spring Break.

If you are interested in learning more about what it would mean to work in the Writing Center, go in for a consultation on your own writing and/or call Mike Kelly at 383-6673.