InSight Curriculum for the Class of 2023 & 2024

The InSight program (formerly the Career Flagship Program) is the third integrated part of your multidimensional, career-focused education, alongside your major and the Core.

The curriculum steps outside of the classroom, so you will experience hands-on, practical learning through our signature events, professional workshops (SMARTalks), seminars, lectures, company visits and employer information sessions.


Each year, you'll complete a series of milestones focused on two key tracks, which are designed to accelerate your professional journey and ensure your smooth transition from college to career.

  • The Career Positioning track will help you formulate your personalized career marketing plan.
  • The Personal Finance track will prepare you to make important financial decisions in the future.

Curriculum - Career Flagship

*For detailed instructions, lists of eligible activities and to dates available to sign up to complete your program milestones: log into Canvas, our learning management portal, and choose the InSight program course.

InSight Program Dashboard


Complete a Career Profile on Handshake.

During the summer, all incoming students will receive an email with instructions to complete their Career Profile and Resume upload on Handshake, Champlain's online career management platform, and job board. This is the first step in building your career identity and will be your go-to resource for finding employment and internship opportunities while you are a student and beyond.

Completing your Handshake account profile will also enable your Career Coach to customize your career development plan, based on your professional interests and skills.

Complete a Financial Assessment in Canvas

During the summer, all incoming students will receive an email with instructions to complete their financial assessment through Canvas, the college's official online learning portal

You will be asked to answer questions about how you spend and manage money as well as your general financial knowledge. Your Financial Assessment report will help you map out an action plan towards financial well-being that you’ll use throughout your journey at Champlain.

Attend a “Career À La Carte” Activity

You’ll be able to choose a preferred activity from a list of career-advancing options we’ll propose to you based on your interests and goals.

Attend a Game of Life Event

In this interactive and hands-on event, you will make different financial choices that help simulate what your financial life may look like after college, based on a starting salary relevant to your current major, priorities, and lifestyle. This a fun way to help you learn about the importance of maintaining a balanced budget.

Complete a Budget Allocation Report

As part of the Game of Life event, you will produce a budget allocation report, which allows you to see what your monthly budget will look like after graduation. You’ll also learn what the different cost of living expenses are in various locations around the country.


Attend Sophomore Symposium

At this one-time conference-style event, you’ll attend a keynote presentation and participate in hands-on breakout sessions, in which you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your essential career materials, including your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

Produce a Professional Résumé and LinkedIn Profile

As a part of the Sophomore Symposium’s hands-on activities, you’ll meet with your Career Coach, who will work closely with you to help produce/polish your résumé and LinkedIn profile and align them with your career goals.

Attend a Credit Review Day

By attending a Credit Review Day or any of our one-on-one credit review appointments, you will be able to learn about the importance of credit in many different aspects of your life and get to review your own FICO credit report and scores.

Complete a Credit Action Plan

After participating in Credit Review Day, you’ll get to produce a Credit Action Plan that identifies steps to improve your credit profile and standing.


Attend a Career Fair

Interact and network with employers in your fields of interest.

Produce a Cover Letter

After you’ve attended the Career Fair and identified a few employers you want to target, you’ll learn how to produce a polished cover letter that will help get your foot in the door.

Attend a Salary Negotiation & Compensation MONEYTalk

During the MONEYTalk, you’ll learn how to negotiate and compare different job offers by analyzing the compensation packages they offer. You will also learn about the most common retirement and investment options available in the market today.

Complete a Cost of Living Analysis

Make an informed decision with the financial implications of relocating. Based on the Budget Allocation Report you produce in the First Year, you’ll learn how to perform a Cost of Living Analysis for the geographic locations you are interested in living after graduation.

Attend a “Career À La Carte” Activity

Choose one of the several different eligible career-advancing topics to choose from throughout the academic year.

Attend a "Financial À La Carte” Activity

You’ll have a wide variety of eligible finance-related topics to choose from throughout the academic year.


Attend a Career Fair

Interact and network with employers in your fields of interest, which is particularly helpful before you graduate.

Produce a Self-Pitch Video

In this 30-second “elevator” self-pitch video, you’ll articulate the unique talents you can offer prospective employers and answer the question, “Why should we hire you?”

Attend a Student Loan Repayment MONEYTalk

You’ll have the opportunity to have a meet with a Financial Aid counselor and learn about your student loan repayment options and other financial considerations as you prepare for graduation.

Complete a Loan Repayment Action Plan

As a result of attending a Student Loan Repayment MONEYTalk, you’ll produce a loan repayment action plan based on your situation/life goals.

Complete a Career Profile in Handshake

As a Senior, you’ll have the opportunity to create/update your Handshake profile targeting specific industries and companies.

Complete a Financial Assessment in Canvas

You’ll complete the same assessment you completed during your first year, compare your progress and analyze any changes in your personal finance habits since you started the program.

The InSight program is a required part of your Champlain education. You will need to complete all tasks by their due dates in order to register for the next semester's courses.

Champlain College will make reasonable accommodations for people with medically recognized, documented needs. If you require accommodations in order to fully participate in your educational experience or other Champlain College activity, please contact Skip Harris in the Counseling & Accommodations Services Center at 802.651.5961 or

Questions? Email, or call 802.860.2720.