FAQS About InSight (Formerly Career Flagship Program & LEAD)

What is the InSight Program?

The InSight program is a four-year career and personal finance education, which is built in to the curriculum students in all majors receive—and is the third integrated part of your multidimensional, career-focused education, alongside your major and the Core.

The InSight program allows you to step outside the traditional classroom setting and experience practical, hands-on learning through our career signature events, as well as in professional workshops (Career SMARTalks), seminars, lectures, company visits and employer information sessions.

Each year, you’ll complete a series of required milestones focused in two key tracks: Career Positioning and Personal Finance. Through these tracks, you will create personalized action plans to effectively market yourself to prospective employers and learn how to manage your personal finances. You'll gain lifelong skills and be able to measure your success by earning achievements along the way.

Who participates in the InSight program?

All traditional undergraduate students are enrolled the InSight program curriculum. (Transfer students will have a customized InSight program curriculum based on their expected graduation date.)

What will I get out of participating in the InSight program?

The InSight program will equip you with the career savviness and personal finance skills you need to successfully transition from Champlain into your future career.

The Career Positioning track will help you create personalized career marketing plan that highlights your unique talents to potential employers and sets you apart from other candidates.

By graduation you’ll produce a

  • career profile with a competency-based statement of your skills;
  • professional résumé and cover letter targeted to your position/career goals;
  • up-to-date, polished LinkedIn profile;
  • 30-second “elevator” pitch that answers, “Why should we hire you?”

The Personal Finance track teaches you fundamental skills that you can use negotiate a salary (including benefits and compensation packages), make a budget and manage your credit and debt.

By graduation you’ll create action plans to use to evaluate and manage your finances, including a

  • personal financial assessment report that marks your progress from first year to fourth year;
  • budget allocation report based on projected salaries for careers related to your major;
  • cost of living analysis based on geographic location of your prospective job;
  • credit action plan to improve your credit profile and standing;
  • personalized student loan repayment plan.

Who is in charge of the InSight program?

The InSight program is brought to you by Champlain’s Career Collaborative, whose team works to continually evolve Champlain’s career development to be the most cutting-edge and up-to-date resources for students and alumni. The curriculum is facilitated by their Career Coaches and other staff as well as a group of trained student leaders called Peer Coaches (formerly Peer Advisors).

Can I become a Peer Coach?

Absolutely. You may be nominated by students, staff and faculty on campus, and you are also welcome to apply in January when we start marketing the position. Look for flyers on campus or a letter of invitation to apply in the mail.

How do I complete my InSight program milestones?

You will have different milestones each year you are at Champlain. Check your InSight program course online on Canvas for a list of the specific milestones you are required to complete each year.

Some milestones involve attending a specific event, and others involve choosing from a list of offerings. Additionally, you may have to submit some deliverables, such as a résumé or cover letter. All the details are listed in your Canvas course outline with instructions on how to sign up for, attend and submit these deliverables.

Will I have to buy books for the InSight program?

No. Any required reading will be provided for you. All our activities are hands-on. Although, you may be required to write reflections or discuss an activity in order to get credit for your participation.

How will I find the time to participate in the InSight program?

Our milestones only require a few hours each year. If you are proactive, you’ll be able to sign up for the activities that best fit your schedule and interests, and our events and activities run on campus weekly. There are also many extra options for those students who want to get more involved.

What happens if I don't attend the assigned workshops/events?

You are required to complete a series of InSight program milestones each year. If you do not complete the requirements for the semester, you will not be allowed to register for classes the following semester.

Additionally, any late registration (regardless of the reason), charges a late fee charged to your account, so you will definitely want to complete your milestones in a timely fashion.

If you don't attend a workshop/event that you registered for, make sure you register for a different event that will meet the same requirement before the due date. Check in with a Peer Coach in the Career Collaborative office if you need help!

For more information about the InSight program, email:
careercollaborative@champlain.edu, or call 802.860.2720.