Financial Wisdom + Career Savviness

Understand Your Strengths Better—Starting Now

As a first-year student, you will learn more about our InSight program during fall orientation and throughout your first year at Champlain.

The first step on your journey to career readiness is completing two milestones that are part of our first-in-class InSight program. InSight is Champlain's career flagship program that will prepare you to be career and financially ready.

You will login to JobSpot to complete these tasks. (JobSpot is Champlain's online career management platformand job board, which will be your go-to resource for finding internship and employment opportunities.)

The two milestones are:

  • Career Profile and Resume Upload

  • Financial Assessment

Completing the Career Profile/Resume Upload and the Financial Assessment will fulfill two of your first year InSight milestones. Please note that you will still have other InSight milestones to complete throughout the year. You can speak with a Peer Coach for guidance once you arrive on campus. Neither of the milestones will take you very long, nor are they graded; these are tools that will help you understand yourself better and will give us a strong understanding of how to better serve the Champlain College student population.

Career Profile & Resume Upload on JobSpot by Symplicity

In mid-August, all incoming students will receive an email with instructions and the link to complete their Career Profile and Upload your Resume on JobSpot. This email is sent to students' Champlain College mymail account. Please remember this task is due by September 7, 2018.

Preparing students for their career is at the heart of Champlain's education. Engagement in career education through the InSight program and the Career Collaborative office will be a cornerstone of your Champlain experience.

Over the course of the four years, you will receive individual career guidance, participate in career management seminars, network with employers and build your professional identity.

The first step in this journey is completing your Career Profile and Resume Upload on JobSpot, Champlain's online career management platform and job board.

JobSpot will be your go-to resource for finding employment and internship opportunities while you are a student and beyond. Completing your JobSpot Career Profile will enable your Career Coach to customize your career development plan.

Financial Assessment

During the summer, all incoming students will receive an email with instructions to complete their financial assessment through Canvas, the college's official online learning portal.

This email is sent to students' Champlain College mymail account. Please remember this assessment is due by September 7, 2018. Part of becoming a well-rounded citizen is learning how to make financially responsible choices. As a Champlain student, you are asked to complete two financial assessments to survey your financial knowledge and habits—one before you arrive on campus as a first-year student and one when you are a senior. All information is kept strictly confidential and will only be used as aggregate data.

When you arrive at Champlain, you will have access to workshops and activities that will help you learn all that you need to know to be financially savvy.

Whether you are starting from the basics or already have experience managing your personal finances, we will help you find the workshops that best fit your needs. 

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