Adding A Minor

A minor is a career enhancement for students, different from a student's major or discipline. Some programs require that students select a minor.

  • Any minor is open to any student
  • Minors will be 15-21 credit hours.
    • Students in 15 credit minors are required to complete 9 unique credits
    • Students in 18 credit minors are required to complete 12 unique credits
    • Students in 21 credit minors are required to complete 15 unique credits.

Refer to the College Catalog and click on Programs of Study to view the list of minor options.

After discussions with advisors, students may wish to select a minor from those available across all academic units. Students wishing to select a minor should click this link and login.

It should be understood that the selection of a minor may extend the time needed to fulfill all course requirements, unless the minor is required.