Cross Registration with St. Michael's College

Champlain College and St. Michael's College have an agreement which allows students to take select classes at either campus, during the academic year, as part of their regular course load. The agreement does not apply to summer session or online courses. The following additional restrictions apply:

  • Only degree-seeking, undergraduate students, attending as at least three-quarters or full- time students are eligible.
  • Students must be in good academic standing as determined by their home institution.
  • Students must meet any pre-requirements. Questions about pre-requirements are referred to the dean, department chair or program director.
  • A student's faculty advisor is given authority to approve or deny the course choice prior to registration.
  • Limited to one course per student, per term, on a space available basis.
  • Student receives a true grade for their coursework, not just a "T" for transfer credit.
  • Available space in classes will be determined at a pre-set deadline by each college.
  • Only campus-based courses during the Fall or Spring semesters are eligible. No online or Summer courses.
  • No payment is exchanged between institutions.

Please complete the Cross-College Registration Form and return the completed form to Ms. Debra LaPorte in the Registrar's office: Perry Hall Room 322, (802) 651‐5850,