Champlain College offers non‐degree admission to students who wish to take undergraduate courses but not pursue an undergraduate degree. The four main populations of these students include:

  • A student from another college or university who wants to take a course but will graduate from another institution. It is the responsibility of the student to have the course(s) reviewed by the home institution for transfer.   
  • A college graduate needing additional credits to qualify for admission to a graduate or professional school.
  • A high school student who plans to take a college‐level course during high school.
  • A person who is taking a class for personal enrichment but not to obtain a degree. Generally, these students will audit a course as they are not seeking credit.

Permission to attend Champlain College as a non‐degree student does not guarantee admission as a degree‐seeking student to Champlain College. Non‐degree students are limited to 18 credit hours for undergraduate level courses.

Please view the Non-Degree Student Policy and Checklist for additional information.

To register as an undergraduate non-degree student at Champlain College you must complete the following Non-Degree Student Registration Form. All non-degree students are registered on a space available basis one week prior to the start of the term or semester. Financial aid is not available for non-degree students.

Contact Information

Registrar's Office: Debra LaPorte, Associate Registrar, (802) 651‐5850,

Online & Continuing Education: Brittany Robischon, Sr. Academic & Student Services Advisor, (802) 865‐8462,

If you are interested in applying for admission to a specific degree program please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at (800) 570‐5858 or (802) 383‐6644.