Google User Authentication

This summer, Information Systems has been working on adding increased convenience and security to the way you log in to Champlain College services such as Webadvisor and Canvas.

The new method uses your Google credentials for authentication with all services. This is a Single Sign On system, so once you provide your credentials for one service, you'll be able to access all other systems without logging in again.

The only difference you will see when logging in to a Champlain College system is that you will now be presented with a Google login screen (if you are not already logged into Gmail).

We will begin using this new authentication method starting Thursday, August 25.

After August 25th we strongly recommend that you use Google's 2-step authentication, which provides extra security for your email and all systems that you use at Champlain College. With 2-step authentication, a login with your account must be confirmed by entering a code sent to you by text message (or provided by the Google Authenticator smartphone app).  Using 2-step authentication to protect your account protects our sensitive information here at Champlain.

You can find  information on Google 2-step Authentication here: And if you have any questions, please just reach out to and we'll walk you through the set-up.