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About the Rental House:

The Rental House serves the Champlain educational community by renting media production equipment to students, faculty and staff free of charge. We strive to provide excellent customer service to all levels and types of media creators.

We focus on empowering CCM programs with professional equipment, integrated curricular support, and technical guidance. By working hard to circulate quality equipment as freely and fairly as possible, our goal is to create an environment that empowers Champlain's creative communities to grow and thrive.

Who May Rent Equipment?

Current Champlain College students, faculty, and staff may access the equipment at no charge. Equipment may only be used only for academic or college purposes. Most items are available only to specific programs, classes, or Patrons, and prerequisites may apply.

What Equipment is Available for Rental?

All of our equipment is visible through our online reservation tool, PIR. To make reservations online, click the Reservation button above, log in using your Champlain credentials, and then select the location, 'Rental House'. Use the tabs on the upper left to navigate through the reservation process. You will only be able to reserve items that you have access/permissions for. For more information on the access/permissions process, click on the Policy button above.

CCM Production Stages:

The Rental House also works in conjunction with the CCM Division to manage the Video Production Studio and Sound Recording Studio, both of which are available to reserve for class projects. Each space has different policies and availability - for more information click on the Policy buttons above.

Contact Us:

The best way to reach us with questions or rental requests is to call or come in.

Phone: (802) 865-5748 | Rowell Annex: 277 South Willard St.

Office Hours:

  • Monday-Wednesday 8AM-10PM
  • Thursday-Friday 8AM-6PM
  • Saturday-Sunday 2PM-10PM