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Champ Support

The Champ Support team aims to lend professional knowledge and quality materials to students, faculty and staff. We are ready to listen to your computer and audio-visual related needs, and do our best to educate, problem-solve and connect you with essential tools and ideas for success.

Click here to submit an IT job request ticket to Champ Support via ServiceDesk.

How to get help?

Visit this link to our Information Systems page.

How do I activate my Champlain account?

To activate your account, go to From there you can follow instructions to activate your Champlain account.

I'm locked out of my account! What do I do?

If you have enrolled at, you can unlock your account there. Your account will automatically unlock in thirty minutes. Contact Champ Support for further assistance.

I've forgotten my password! How do I reset it?

If you've forgotten your password you can contact Champ Support with your Champlain ID number to request to have it reset.

How do I open a support ticket?

If your technical issue is an emergency, please call us during our business hours at (802) 860-2710 (or x2710 from any campus phone) and we will dispatch help immediately. If the issue is not critical you can also report it by e-mailing, or opening a ServiceDesk ticket (click here for instructions).

What resources exist if I want to investigate solutions myself?

Visit the Champ Support Wiki for information and tutorials.

Where can I find more information about the college's migration to Google?

Visit the Champ Support Wiki for information and tutorials.

How do I connect to wireless?

Please read these instructions on how to connect to Champlain WIFI.

How do I get Mymail on my phone?

Blackberry, Blackberry Storm, and IPhone users, visit our tutorial for instructions. Otherwise, contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

Why can't I torrent?

The Higher Education Opportunity Act blocks peer to peer sharing in colleges, making it illegal to torrent on campus. However, Linux distributions have been white listed and are legal to download.

Where can I get help with a computer, printer, scanner, on campus?

Contact the Helpdesk at (802) 860-2710,, or stop by our office in Rowell Annex.

Office Hours:

  • Monday-Wednesday 8AM-10PM
  • Thursday-Friday 8AM-6PM
  • Saturday-Sunday 2PM-10PM