Metered Lots

"Pay and Display" Parking MetersChamplain College parking meter close up

The Miller Information Commons (MIC) and Summit Hall parking lots are reserved for short term parking (maximum of 4 hours per day). You will find kiosk-style parking meters that are referred to as "Pay and Display." You can locate the metered lots on the official Campus Parking Map identified with a red "$" symbol.

These meters are operational between the hours of 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday-Friday, during the academic year and costs $1 per hour.

Each 15-minute block costs 25 cents, for the first hour. After one hour, you must purchase time in one-hour blocks, up to four hours. The machine does not make change. As these are "Pay and Display" style kiosks where a physical receipt is required to be placed on the dash of the vehicle; unfortunately, they do not have the capability to add time remotely via electronic payment or a mobile app. If the kiosks are replaced in the future, this may be an added feature.

To use meters:

  1. Find a parking space,
  2. Go to the kiosk and insert US coins, bills, or credit card*. The machine will give you a receipt,
  3. Place the meter receipt on your dashboard near your Champlain College parking permit.

*Master Card, Visa, Amex, and Discover can be used. There is a one hour minimum if you use a credit card.

Who can park here?

Any Champlain employee or commuter student with a Zone 1, 3 or 4 permit. Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm it costs $1 per hour with a four-hour maximum per day. After hours are free but t is still required to display a valid Champlain parking permit 24 hours per day, along with the meter receipt if between 8am-4pm.

Visitors to campus, including guest speakers, must display a valid visitor parking permit and may use these parking spaces for free. Visitor permits can be obtained by the Champlain employee hosting the guest using or by emailing three days prior to the visit. See more details here.

Disabled permit holders may use these spaces for free at any time. All Champlain employees or students shall display a valid Disabled Parking Permit decal on their windshield. All disabled visitors shall display a state issued hancicap placard.

Residential students with a Zone 2, Zone 5, Spinner Garage or Bayberry permit may only use these parking lots after 4pm, Monday-Friday and on weekends, not during 8am-4pm, even if they pay for the meter time.

Specific locations of kiosks:

MIC parking meter Summit parking meter
MIC lot kiosk is located on the north side of the lot, next to the book drop. Summit lot kiosk is located on the backside (east side) of Summit Hall, near the driveway to the parking lot.