Top 10 Things You Need To Know

  1. PERMIT REQUIRED 24/7. ALL Champlain College students and employees must obtain a permit for their cars each semester, regardless of where or when they park. It's easy and free in some cases.
  2. FREE COMMUTER PARKING. Parking is FREE at 175 Lakeside Avenue for Zone 1 permit holders. Champlain operates a free shuttle service seven days a week from Lakeside Campus to Main Campus.
  3. RESIDENTIAL STUDENT PARKING. Residential students require a Zone 2 permit and are required to park at 115 Lakeside Avenue. Residential students may not park in the metered lots or along ANY city streets between 8 A.M. - 4 P.M., Monday-Friday.
  4. FIRST YEAR PARKING RESTRICTED. First-time, first-year students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. A waiver is possible for students that meet eligibility criteria.
  5. PARKING PERMITS. When you purchase a parking permit, you are paying for the right to park in one of several zone-specific Champlain lots. On-street parking within your designated zone is not guaranteed.
  6. SHORT-TERM PARKING. There are three short-term lots. Miller Information Commons and Summit Hall have a limit of four hours per day. Skiff Hall has a limit of two hours per day.
  7. ADJACENT STREETS. Champlain College students and employees are prohibited from parking on ANY Burlington street that is not specifically zoned for Champlain College affiliates. Students and employees are not considered "public" with regards to parking.
  8. RESTRICTED PARKING. Perry Hall/West Hall, Boardman Hall and Finney Quad are restricted and enforced 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Boardman Hall lot is for those who obtain a Zone 5 permit only. Perry Hall/West Hall lot is for visitors to the Admissions office only.
  9. VISITOR PARKING. Visitors should obtain a temporary guest permit prior to arrival on campus. This can be obtained by the Champlain employee hosting the guest using or by emailing the Transportation Office three days prior to the visit.
  10. GUARANTEED RIDE HOME. All permit holders in Zone 2 are automatically enrolled in CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides for a free cab ride if the shuttles are not operating. All Zone 1 permit holders are also eligible to enroll.