Spinner Place Shuttle Schedule

Serving Spinner Place and Main Campus - NOTE...THIS SHUTTLE DOES NOT OPERATE IN THE SUMMER

The Spinner Place Shuttle serves the Spinner Place Residence Hall using two large yellow school buses. The bus stop on Main Campus is on the south side of Maple St at the wooden bus shelter. At Spinner Place, the dedicated shuttle bus stop is directly over the road from Spinner Place on Winooski Falls Way.

The late night and weekend shuttles are smaller 15 passenger vans and stop on the CCM Center Promenade (between CCM Center and Bader Hall), not on Maple St.

All Spinner Place residents are automatically enrolled in CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home Program which provides free taxi rides with Green Cab, between Spinner Place and Main Campus only, anytime the shuttles aren't running. See champlain.edu/CATMA for details.

Departure times are:
Spinner Champlain
7:10a Bus #1 Starts 7:25a
7:40a 7:55a
8:10a 8:25a
8:25a Bus #2 Starts 8:40a
8:40a 8:55a
8:55a 9:10a
9:10a 9:25a
9:25a 9:40a
9:40a 9:55a
9:55a 10:10a
10:10a 10:25a
10:25a 10:40a
10:40a 10:55a
10:55a 11:10a
11:10a 11:25a
11:25a 11:40a
11:40a 11:55a
11:55a 12:10p
12:10p 12:25a
12:25a 12:40a
12:40a 12:55a
12:55a 1:10p
1:10p 1:25p
1:25p 1:40p
1:40p 1:55p
1:55p 2:10p
2:10p 2:25p
2:25p 2:40p
2:40p 2:55p
2:55p 3:10p
3:10p 3:25p
3:25p **Drop Off Only. Big Bus #1 ends  
3:40p 3:55p
4:10p 4:30p
4:50p 5:10p
5:30p 5:50p
6:10p 6:30p
6:45p 7:00p
7:15p  Smaller Bayberry Bus Picks Up. Big Bus #2 ends 7:30p
7:50p 8:05p
8:25p 8:40p
9:00 ** Drop Off Only. No pick up. 9:10 Start of Late night shuttle


  • From 4:10pm - 6:30pm, it is considered a 20 minute service due to rush hour traffic. This is noted in green
  • From 7:15pm-9:00pm, the service is operated by the smaller Bayberry Bus shown in Orange
  • Late night shuttle starts at 9:10pm from Main Campus towards Bayberry/Spinne. See below.
MON-FRI - 9:10pm-12:23am
Champlain College Bayberry Commons Spinner Place Champlain College Lakeside Champlain College Bayberry Commons Spinner Place
9:10p 9:18p 9:23p 9:34p 9:40p 9:47p 9:55p 10:00p
10:10p 10:18p 10:23p 10:34p 10:40p 10:47p 10:55p 11:00p
11:10p 11:18p 11:23p

11:34p (last shuttle TO Lakeside) 11:40p (last shuttel FROM Lakeside)


11:55p (last shuttle TO Main Campus 12:00a (last shuttle to Main Campus)
12:10a (last shuttle to Bayberry/ Spinner) 12:18a 12:23a End of service - Drop off only**

Bayberry Commons Spinner Place Champlain College Lakeside Champlain College
10:00a 10:10a 10.25a 10:35a 10.45a
11:00a 11:10 11:25a 11:35a 11:45a
Noon 12:10p 12:25p 12:35p 12:45p
1:00p 1:10p 1:25p 1:35p 1:45p
2:00p 2:10p 2:25p 2:35p 2:45p
3:00p 3:10p 3:25p 3:35p 3:45p
4:00p 4:10p 4:25p 4:35p 4:45p
5:00p 5:10p 5:25p 5:35p 5:45p
6:00p 6:10p 6:25p 6:35p 6:45p
7:00p 7:10p 7:25p 7:35p 7:45p
8:00p (last shuttle TO Campus) 8:10p (last shuttle TO Campus) 8:25p 8:35p 8:45p (last shuttle TO Lakeside)
8:55p (last shuttle FROM Lakeside) 9:10p (last shuttle TO Bayberry / Spinner from Main Campus)
9:20p 9:30p - End of Service - Drop off Only**