Step-by-Step Housing Selection Guide

2020-2021 Housing Selection Guide

The housing selection process is now online!

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to help navigate your way to housing for the upcoming school year.

If you have questions, check out the FAQs page.

Overview of the Housing Selection Process

All students who pay their housing deposit by the March 17 deadline will receive a housing selection time block. The time block will be posted to your home page on The Housing Director (THD) by April 3.

Students who are eligible to participate in multiple nights of selection will have start times for each process. For instance, a sophomore is eligible for two nights of housing selection: if they do not want to select a room on sophomore selection night they will skip logging in on that night and instead log in on the night dedicated to their desired hall/room of choice.

The student selection process is completed entirely within the THD system.

There are four steps to the process:

Step 1: Log In to The Housing Director

Using your Champlain credentials, log in to The Housing Director (THD).

Step 2: Complete the Housing Selection Preference Form

At the top of the screen, select the Application Tab and a view of available applications will display. Select the Fall application and complete the information. Students who do not fill this out cannot select each other as a roommate grouping.

Step 3: Select/Change Roommate Groups

Students should form roommate groups based on who they would like to live with and confirm each other as roommates. If a student does not have a desired roommate, they do not need to complete this step and will sign up as an individual. Students can also search for one another by completing the application on the Application Tab.
NOTE: This step should be completed prior to the beginning of a time block to maximize efficiency.

THD offers the ability to search for specific people included in the housing selection process, but that student MUST have completed the Housing Selection Preference Form to be included in this feature. If you don't have a person in mind, you can search for a roommate based on similar lifestyle choices or preferences. Under Room Selection, select the Roommates/Suitemates tab to search for a particular person or preference.

Students will receive a message on their home screen when someone has requested them for a roommate pairing. Confirm the roommate pairing in order to sign up together at selection.

Step 4: Sign Up for a Room

THD will display a real-time list of all of the options available to a student for each selection process they are eligible for. Be sure your group size matches the room size you're seeking, as students will only be able to see rooms that the roommate pairing can occupy. For example, a triple group will not be able to search for or view double rooms.

Students sign up for a specific room; however, due to the consolidation policy, they may receive a same room type but not the same room number. (For example, a double in Valcour will always remain a double in Valcour, even if it's a different numbered room). Once a room is selected, it cannot be changed.

Log on to THD at the appropriate time block listed on the home screen. The designated student from each roommate grouping will select a room for the entire roommate group.

To see a list of available rooms, click on the housing selection time and a list of rooms will display that you are eligible to sign up for. The number of spaces still available in each room will be displayed as well as the floor roster.

Students may view the floor roster of each area to gauge which students have signed up and where. Once the desired room is selected, click on Select Room. A screen with the beds available as well as the housing contract will display. There are only a few rooms on campus in which the bed number is of consequence. Selecting a particular bed does not guarantee a particular space in a particular room other than in the double suite in Boardman Hall.

Once the student has read through the contract, click on the "I Agree" button at the bottom to reserve the room.

Congratulations! Your housing selection process is now complete!