Summer Housing

View of Lake Champlain and Beaver Weathervane on top of building

Who is qualified to live on campus for Summer 2017?

Students who are taking classes at Champlain College, working on or off campus, or have internships will be able to stay in campus housing in the summer. Residential Life staff will verify that students are enrolled in Champlain College classes or have a job/internship. Please note that all College policies apply during the summer, and violators may lose the privilege of living on campus.

Where will we be placed if living on main campus this summer?

The 2017 summer main campus building will be Juniper Hall. The building has a full kitchen, so students living on campus for the summer will not purchase a meal plan. 371 Main will be utilized in the instance of summer contracts exceeding the spaces available in Juniper Hall, which also has a full kitchen. As the dining hall will be open sporadically throughout the summer months meal plans will not be offered and all students will have access to a full kitchen.

What if I am required to take a Core class and need to live on campus?

Students enrolled in a Core class for the summer will be housed on main campus for the 6 weeks during the class and are guaranteed a space if they meet the April 17 contract deadline. They will be charged $128 per week, plus class tuition, for that period.

What if I am working in Burlington this summer?

Champlain College offers a special program for sophomores and juniors (enrolled full-time for Fall 2016 semester) who will be working for an employer in Chittenden County this summer. Students need to work at least 20 hours per week for at least 2.5 months at a job or internship which requires knowledge and skills gained by means of courses related to your major in order to qualify. You will need to register your employment with Career Collaborative and meet other summer housing requirements. Click here to register your employment. Contact Angela Hyldburg if you have questions about this option.

Students employed by Champlain College during the summer can also live on campus. They must be employed for 32 hours a week.

If your employment does not qualify for the employment option through Career Collaborative, you may still live on campus but must be contracted for at least 12 weeks and be scheduled for an average of 32 hours per week.

What are the rates for living on the main campus for the summer?

Rate for summer employee (32 hours a week of work required for regular or campus employment or 20 hours per week for the Career Collaborative option) = $128 a week

The rate for full-time student = $128 a week plus tuition (minimum 2 courses each summer session).

What if I cannot leave between spring classes ending and summer classes beginning?

All students contracting for summer who need to stay on campus from the end of classes through summer will be allowed to. Students may, if necessary, stay in their current spaces until the May 13 graduation date. At this time they will be able to move to their summer assignment. Please note that meals during Senior Week are not included in the Spring Meal Plan. Non-graduates staying during Senior Week may eat in the dining hall but will need to pay for each meal at the time they eat. Summer classes begin on May 22.

Who gets to live in Spinner Place this summer?

Students who have completed the Housing Selection process and are signed up to live in Spinner Place for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 will have the option to move into their fall assignment in May for the summer rate of $1,554. Students will not be allowed to contract for only a portion of the summer. Students living in Spinner Place need to meet the qualifications above and complete their summer contract by the April 17 deadline. These contracts should not be completed before attending Housing Selection and securing your space for next year. Students who choose to live in these locations for the summer should be aware that the campus shuttle does not run during these months, but the CCTA buses will be running at no cost to Champlain students with their Champlain ID. Parking at Spinner Place will be available for an additional fee.