Lead Like a BEAVER

Lead Like a Beaver

Want to Lead Like a BEAVER? 

The series titled, Lead Like a BEAVER, which is an acronym for Be Empowering Active Visionary Encouraging and Reliable, will provide students with an opportunity to build upon or learn new skills that will help them become better leaders. Lead Like a BEAVER consists of giving students an opportunity to strengthen or build the leadership of students on the Champlain College campus.

What does Lead Like a BEAVER Offer?

Lead Like a BEAVER offers several opportunities for students to advance their leadership skills. Students can sign up for leadership sessions to discover more about leadership and the skills necessary for effective leadership. Students learn about leadership models and develop a personal philosophy of leadership. Lead Like a BEAVER and Emerging Leaders are great ways for campus leaders to network, share ideas, and work to create positive change at Champlain College. Student organizations also mold students into leaders as they learn and discover multiple new skills. 

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How can I facilitate a workshop?

There will be a wide variety of leadership presentations and programs throughout the academic year, featuring workshops and roundtables on a number of different topics from Champlain faculty members and organizations such as Sustain Champlain. Please fill out a form if you are interested in facilitating a workshop. We are now opening a few spots for students to collaborate with staff or faculty to facilitate a workshop.

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Fall 2017 Sessions:

Past sessions have included:

Privilege Chains by Melissa Carlson and Meghan O'Sullivan; How To Be A Stellar Facilitator by Christina Erickson; Sharing Stories by Debra LaPorte; You Got This: Standing Up To Others With Confidence by Danelle Berube; Motivations: The In's and Ex's by Christine Roundtree; Watch Yourself by Kyle Dodson and Alejandra Rodriguez; Pop Leaders by Laurel Bongiorno; Resiliency and Self Compassion by Dan O'Hara and Catherine Bergeron-Radoux; Out of the Zone by Elin Melchior; In The Know by Becky Peterson; Lifehack by Jazmin Rew-Pinchem; Gender Matters by Kierstyn Hunter; and Mission: Possible by Rosalynne Whitaker-Heck.