Code of Conduct

Champlain Standard of Conduct

This Standard of Conduct has been developed so that you will know what the College expects of you and, in turn, what you can expect from the College. It is an attempt to balance individual needs with the needs of the College without limiting individual freedom of choice. At the same time, freedom of choice implies acceptance of full responsibility for one's actions. Thus, in choosing to attend Champlain College, you choose to conform to this Standard of Conduct, which has been designed for the common good of the institution and all of its constituencies, including its neighbors in the community. 

  • I will respect all students, faculty, staff, and our surrounding community.
  • I will respect the academic mission and integrity of Champlain College.
  • I will respect and comply with local, state, and federal laws, statutes and ordinances.
  • I will respect the physical facilities of Champlain College.

Violations of the Standard of Conduct may result in a range of sanctions, which could include, but are not limited to suspension or dismissal from the College. In addition, the College reserves the right to discharge a student or remove a student from campus without prior warning or use of disciplinary procedures described in this and/or other College policies if, in the judgment of the College, the student's behavior poses a serious threat to the reputation or welfare of the College and/or its students, faculty or staff.

Online Incident Report Form

Noteworthy incidents involving student behavior issues come to the attention of the Office of Community Standards through the online incident reporting system. Once a report is filed it may be forwarded to a hearing officer for adjudication or the case may be forwarded to one of two Boards: The Conduct Review Board or the Academic Conduct Review Board. The forwarding of cases is at the discretion of the Office of Community Standards.