Conduct Process

General Process

Upon receipt of a complaint in writing regarding a student, the student(s) involved will be contacted by a hearing officer to give individual statements. Any witnesses will also be interviewed and their statements will be a matter of record.

Students who are being referred for a Conduct Review Board hearing will meet with the hearing officer to review all of the materials being presented at the Hearing. The hearing officer is also responsible for preparing the student for the Hearing, by talking through the process and answering any questions the student may have.

Students appearing before the Board will have an opportunity to review all materials pertaining to the case before the hearing. All students will have individual hearings and will be evaluated on their own involvement even if they are involved in a group incident. Every effort will be made to keep review board proceedings confidential, and when necessary, the identity of witnesses and victims may be kept anonymous.

The task of the Review Board is to determine responsibility and decide on an appropriate sanction. The hearing officer will provide the Review Board with all incident reports and statements relevant to each case. Decisions will be made on the available materials. Students may provide information at the hearing, but a hearing will not be postponed while additional information is gathered. Following the Hearing, the Facilitator will meet with the student and discuss the sanction. All sanctions may be appealed.

Note for Academic Honesty Violations

It is likely that the faculty member issuing the violation will be present at the hearing because the nature of the violation is sometimes complex and specific to a particular subject matter. To fully understand the material, the volunteers can benefit from knowledge offered by the instructor. The instructor does not participate in the discussion of sanctions.