Appeal Process

Students can request to appeal by emailing  no later than two business days after the sanction has been delivered. Students who agree to the sanctions imposed by the Board and fail to complete the sanctions are not eligible to appeal.

Students have the right to appeal decisions made by a judicial officer or a Conduct Review Board. All appeals must be made in writing and sent to the Office of Community Standards (, and must specify the reasons for the appeal. An appeal of any decision must be received within two business days by 5:00pm on that second day after the student has been informed of the decision.  Appeals may be heard by a conduct officer, or by an Appeal Committee.  Students may appeal if:

  1. There was a procedural error that unfairly affected the outcome of the hearing.
  2. New Information that was not reasonably available at the time of the hearing
  3. The sanctions imposed are disproportionate to the nature and severity of the offense and the cumulative conduct history of the responding party.

The responsibility of the Appeals Committee or the conduct officer reviewing the appeal is to determine a fair course of action in light of the charges and evidence presented. When the appeal is complete, the matter shall be deemed fully resolved without further recourse with the exceptions that a petition for a new hearing may be made upon the discovery of new information or upon review by the President of the College.