Records Policy

Maintenance of Records

​​​In general, student conduct records established after August 15, 2013, are maintained by the College for seven years after an incident has occurred and conduct outcome(s) have been issued. However, in matters resulting in separation from the College (i.e., Conduct Suspension or Dismissal), or allegations unresolved following the withdrawal of a student, conduct records may be kept indefinitely.  The College will note in the student's education record the nature of the allegations and resulting separation or withdrawal prior to adjudication.

Release of Student Conduct Records

When a student or former student provides written consent for the College to disclose his or her student conduct record to a person or entity outside the University, (examples include an application for employment, graduate school, transfer to another University), Champlain College discloses information related to conduct that resulted in the following administrative or academic statuses: Disciplinary Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, and Withdrew with Pending Complaint.

Unless a student or former student otherwise directs the College in writing, or an exception recognized under FERPA applies, Champlain College does not disclose to persons or entities outside the College on student conduct matters that did not result in such outcomes. When the College responds to external conduct record requests, the response includes information explaining the student conduct records release policy. Conduct outcomes other than Disciplinary​ Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal are generally not applicable for distribution beyond the University community; however, students are encouraged to be forthright if an employer, university, etc. asks questions about the student's conduct at Champlain College. 

*Adapted from Gonzaga University