Leadership Opportunities

Volunteer Positions Available

The Office of Community Standards  is currently seeking applications for Conduct Review Board volunteers. All students are eligible to apply. By applying, all applicants may serve on our two boards: General Conduct Review Board and Academic Review Board. These positions are compatible with all other leadership opportunities on campus. Time commitment will vary based on an individual's schedule and level of interest. All students are required to attend a training session at the start of each semester.

This leadership experience is an excellent way to develop a deeper understanding of student issues and the impact they have on our community. Board members have an opportunity to be a part of the resolution of these issues. This is a very good networking experience, and it looks great on a resume!

Additional Leadership Opportunities

Students who have experience serving on the Conduct Review or Academic Conduct Review Board may be invited to serve on the Appeal Board. 

For more information on these leadership positions contact communitystandards@champlain.edu.