Hands On Learning

"Champlain College is building a real-world classroom that gives students careers skills for the 21st Century...and once again shows Champlain College's incredible ability to innovate and implement cutting-edge learning programs. This is a program that already has proven itself invaluable in putting criminals behind bars."
— U.S. Senator Patrick J. Leahy

Our career-focused degree programs are developed in collaboration with employers to ensure that you possess the knowledge, skills and experience you need to excel in your career. These collaborations allows us to build a curriculum that provides you with real-life experiences from day one.

  • Classrooms and Laboratories. Our computer forensics labs, online classes and the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation provide the ideal environment for hands-on student engagement in our computer forensics courses. Through the Leahy Center, students work on projects for law enforcement and private entities gaining invaluable real-world experience. And with over 35 combined digital forensics classes in the on-campus bachelor's degree, the online bachelor's degree in computer forensics & digital investigations, the master's degree courses in the MS in Digital Forensic Science, Champlain provides a much more in-depth, hands-on experience than most colleges offering digital forensics degrees. 
  • Industry Software. Our students use the same computer forensics software utilized in the industry in their digital forensics courses. Examples include EnCase, EnCase Enterprise, Forensic Tool Kit (FTK), Xways Forensic, The Sleuth Kit (TSK), Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK), Wireshark, Cellebrite, Wiebetech Write blockers and many more.
  • Law & Order: Champlain College. In addition to all the in-class, hands on computer forensics training and experience we give our students each spring the faculty, staff and students of the Computer Forensics program participate in the interdisciplinary “Mock Trial” event on the Champlain campus called "Law & Order: Champlain College". During this event a simulated crime scene is developed, and over the course of three weeks students from the Champlain criminal justice, legal studies and computer & digital forensics programs work together in teams similar to those they would encounter in a real crime scene situation. They utilize the procedures and techniques they have learned in their classes to catalog and analyze the evidence. This exercise culminates in a “mock trial” where the evidence is presented, arguments are made, and the accused is either convicted or acquitted by a jury and an actual judge (who also happens to be a faculty member from the pre-law and criminal justice programs).
  • Certified Computer Examiner designation. Champlain College has a partnership agreement with the ISFCE (International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners) to offer a Bootcamp to our students and professionals in the industry hoping to earn this highly regarded designation. Offered on our Burlington, VT campus or 100% online, the CCE Bootcamp prepares individuals to take the CCE designation exam.