The Leahy Center for Digital Investigation Challenge Coin

Congratulations on discovering the secret hidden in code on your LCDI coin! Now, take a screenshot of this page and email it to Joe Williams to verify that you solved the puzzle—your name will be added to the select list of LCDI Challenge Coin Holders that have found this hidden page.

To keep this page a secret among only elite code breakers, please do not share how you found this page with anyone.

Brief History of Challenge Coins:

There are many articles describing how and why the tradition of challenge coins began. One common thread is military service, and the history goes back a long way: members of the United States military have a tradition of carrying special, distinctive coins. These custom coins bear their own regarded symbols and mottos—they capture the essence of affiliation and powerful pride, and indicate deep-seated bonds. The coins classify an individual as a member of a special unit or organization with a clear-cut history and mission.

LCDI Reasons:

A challenge coin is not simply a token piece of metal. It is a palpable source of pride for the bearer.

Through a similar tradition, the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) shows recognition to our select individuals' special achievements and honor VIP guests. The LCDI Challenge Coin has helped us capture that very essence of organizational affiliation to instill pride in those that carry our coin.

The LCDI Challenge Coin is a double-sided polished silver metal coin. One side has the Champlain College emblem with the school's motto "Let Us Dare" engraved, along with the name of the College and its location. On the reverse side is the LCDI emblem, our name, and our areas of interests.

LCDI CoinCC Coin

The "Challenge" 

The "challenge" part is that when individuals gather, they challenge other coin bearers. The holder of a coin announces to all present that they are producing a coin for public display. The coin is placed on a table to challenge all in the group to display their own coins.

Coin Code Breakers:

Benjamin Dardia - 07/23/17 Zach Burnham - 07/20/18 Grant Hedley - 07/21/18
Forrest Utiger -07/21/18 Taylor Ownby - 07/21/18 Nathaniel Roth - 07/21/18
Karina Ohannessin - 07/25/18 Oliver Mustoe -07/27/19 Spencer Sumpman - 08/07/18
Alayna Cash - 07/27/19 Kalyani Valiyaveettil - 07/27/19 Alex Aoun - 07/27/19
Daisy Kopycienski - 07/27/19 Mitchell Loo - 07/29/19 Joy Mei Damato - 07/27/19
Liam DiFalco - 08/01/19 Arica Simon - 10/04/21 Thomas Cooney - 10/21/21