Looking for an intern? Have a full time positon you need to fill? Curious about what LCDI students can offer your organization?

Below you will find a list of LCDI juniors and seniors who would be a great asset to your team.

Andrew Scallion: Research Assistant - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity MajorLCDI Student Staff

Andrew enjoys being involved and finds it really hard to say "no" when a new opportunity comes his way. He has a diverse background in technical theater, computer networking, and both malware and mobile application forensics. He seeks to find and take advantage of any new and unique opportunities that come his way, and add to his growing repertoire.

LCDI Student StaffAustin Trauax: Security Operations Center Team Member - Computer and Digital Forensics Major with a Cybersecurity Minor,  Specialization in Computer Science

With his studies at Champlain College and employment at the LCDI, Austin strives to learn and hone in on a plethora of skill sets. With his knowledge, he is able to operate in a Windows, Linux, and OS X environment. Throughout Austin's time at the LCDI, he has enhanced his team working skills through his work on various team research projects such as OS X RAM analysis, OS X Forensic Artifacts, and Automating Mac Forensics. Currently Austin is part of a new team at the LCDI, working as a member of the Security Operations Center.

LCDI Student StaffCedric ThompsonResearch Assistant - Computer and Digital Forensics

Cedric is EnCE certified and has a strong background with Windows forensics. He has experience working on the mobile application forensics team, working with iOS devices. Cedric has also worked on the application forensics team, working with OS X and Windows applications, and finding useful forensic artifacts for those applications.

LCDI Student StaffDillon DelogeCommunications Assistant - Broadcast Media Production Major

Dillon Deloge is a 4th year student at Champlain College, graduating in December 2017. At the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, he shoots and edits video for the Center's various social media outlets. In the past, he has worked for the Emergent Media Center as a Video Producer and Editor on a series of videos for Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources. He interned at Across the Fence, a daily program that airs on WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT. He currently is an intern at Delta Marketing Group in South Burlington, VT as a Digital Media Specialist. Dillon is also a Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader at Champlain College.


LCDI Student StaffJake Nicastro: Security Operations Center Team Member - Computer and Digital Forensics Major with a Cybersecurity Minor, Specialization in Computer Science

As a student, soldier, and a rising professional, Jake is currently pursuing a degree in Computer and Digital Forensics with a specialization in Computer Science and a minor in Cybersecurity at Champlain College. He works part-time for the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation at Champlain as a SOC Analyst. He assists in the construction of an open-source SIEM platform to provide security monitoring for external clients. Jake has also worked as a Research Assistant conducting team-based research and development projects relevant to digital forensics and cybersecurity. The projects has has worked on include MacOS and Mac RAM forensics, as well as building a malware analysis environment.

Being a team leader in the Army National Guard as an infantryman has reinforced his discipline, adaptability, communication, teamwork, and problem solving under stress. Jake has held multiple tech jobs since he was 16, including the experience of working in various departments within EMC Corporation, as an Information Security Intern with Acquia performing security event analysis and incident response in a cloud environment, and as a Digital Forensics Intern with Travelers Insurance.


LCDI Student StaffJoseph DiorioResearch Assistant - Computer and Digital Forensics Major, Specialization Computer Science

Passionate about technology since he was a kid, Joe is a hardworking and adaptable worker, with Military experience that has provided him with the experience of working with a small team on fast moving tasks.

LCDI Student StaffJustin WaiteResearch Assistant - Computer and Digital Forensics Major with a Criminal Justice Minor

While working at the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigations, Justin has conducted forensic research and testing on the Internet of Things, Wearable Technology, and Windows 10. Academically, he has maintained a 3.9 GPA and been named to the Dean's and President's Lists. Justin has a working knowledge of several open-source and commercial forensic tools. Following graduation, he plans to work in incident response consulting or as a digital forensic analyst.

LCDI Student StaffKathryn YoungResearch Assistant - Law Major with a Computer and Digital Forensics Minor

Kathryn Young is a rising senior at Champlain College studying Law and Computer & Digital Forensics. Set to graduate in May of 2018, Kathryn is passionate to learn about Intellectual Property and Privacy Law, and has worked with the Leahy Center on the Data Breach Analysis Project. Having a foundation in Law paired with Computer & Digital Forensics has given her the opportunity to work with tools such as Westlaw, PACER, EnCase, and Wireshark. This unique skill set along with her strong communication skills, make her a strong asset in any law firm, or technical consulting environment.

LCDI Student StaffKayla WillifordResearch Assistant - Double Major Computer and Digital Forenics and Crinainal Justice

As a graduating senior at Champlain Collge, Kayla has used her digital forensics skills to work at the Burlington Police Department, National Life Group and the Leahy Center for Digital Investigations. She has presented on open-source digital forensics tools at the International Association for Human Trafficking Conference in Clearwater, Florida. She loves being challenged and is passionate about using her digital forensics and criminal justice skills to help better the public.

LCDI Student StaffMatthew Fortier: Lead Programmer - Computer Science & Innovation  Major, Specialization Mobile Application Development

Matthew Fortier is a Junior Computer Science and Innovation major from Kennebunk, Maine. He is currently the Lead Programmer at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, a third-year Resident Assistant, and Student Ambassador on campus.

He is pursuing a career in Software Development and has previously found success in multiple different career paths, including customer service, team leadership, programming, web development, and some digital forensics. He is up to any task thrown at him, whether it's taking charge, or following directions. He is not afraid to jump out of his comfort zone, and is always willing to learn quickly. Matthew is very passionate about his work, and will always strive to do his best.

Matthew McAbee: Network Administrator - Computer and Digital Forensics Major, Specialization Cyber Investigation

Matt is a professional, career driven individual who wants to dedicate his life to combating cyber-criminals in the vast digital war zone of cyber space. His dream is to work for an information/cyber security firm in the private sector, or work for the government sector (DoD, FBI, NSA) specializing in Cyber-Defense, Information Security, and/or Digital Forensics. He is currently working as a Network Administrator at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation in Burlington, Vermont.

LCDI Student Staff

Michael Dargie: Security Operations Center Team Memeber - Computer Networking and Cyber Security Major

Michael is a senior cyber security student. He has a strong interest in cyber threat intelligence.

Michael Geyer: Research Assistant - Computer and Digital Forensics Major with a Computer Science Minor, Specializations Cybersecurity

Michael is currently a rising senior. He is a Digital Forensics student with a minor in Computer Science that will work on a specialization of Threats and Mitigation Senior year. Out of class, he works at the LCDI and another campus job helping students with professional development.

Mitchell Green Research Assistant - Computer and Digital Forensics  Major, Specialization Cybersecurity

Mitch is in his senior year at Champlain College, where he is pursuing a degree in Computer and Digital Forensics and specializing in Cybersecurity. During his time at The Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, he has worked on IoT device forensics and a variety of other projects.

Sarah Hubbard Graphic Designer - Graphic Design and Digital Media, Specialization Motion Graphics

Sarah is a rising junior at Champlain College, studying Graphic Design. She has been working for the LCDI since her first year and it has helped her gain experience of graphic design work in a professional environment. She is able to design for a lot of different mediums, whether it be for print, web, or motion graphics. She has several years of experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and is well-rounded in her skills as a designer.

TJ Dalzell : Security Operations Team Member - Computer and Digital Forensics  Major, Specialization Cyber Security

Through his work as a Research Assistant at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, TJ has acquired firsthand experience using tools such as FTK, Autopsy, EnCase, and Cellebrite. More recently, he has gained knowledge in the setup and operation of a working Security Operation Center (SOC) through his work as a SOC Team Member. His work at the Leahy Center has also given him experience in proper forensic techniques and key concepts for working in the industry.

As an IT Technician at an energy contracting company he was able to experience firsthand working as a domain administrator, while also administrating a SharePoint / Office 365 environment. Working as the point of contact for all employees, he was tasked with managing and escalating tickets at his discretion. This work helped to improve his case and time management skills. This summer, he will continue his work at the LCDI, as a member of the SOC team.

Tyler Peyton Network Administrator - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity, Specialization Cyber Security

Tyler is a third year student from Wayland, Massachusetts and works as a Network Administrator at the LCDI. He is responsible for managing the research network to ensure that employees have access to the resources they need to complete their projects.

In addition to this, he is responsible for implementing new solutions to enhance the efficiency and security of the lab. One of the projects he worked on was implementing a two-tiered public key infrastructure which allows for easier management of secure internal communications and host verification. He has also created documentation that outlines the basics of the LCDI network to ensure new NetAdmins are brought up to speed in a fast and efficient manner.

Tyler Wright Supervisor and Secruity Operation Center Team Member - Computer and Digital Forensics Major, Specialization Cyber Security

Throughout his time at Champlain College, Tyler has always put his best foot forward, taking on any challenge that comes his way. He started his time at the LCDI off as an Office Assistant at the LCDI before becoming a Research Assistant. He moved quickly through the ranks, leading teams and eventually garnering the position of Supervisor. He has worked on various projects such as mobile application forensics, MMORPG forensics, and cloud forensics. Along with being a supervisor at the LCDI, Tyler is also a member of the Security Operation Center team.

Tyler has utilized is work ethic that he's developed at the LCDI to help him in his summer internship working with GuidePoint Security.

Victoria Hayes: Programmer- Computer Science & Innovation and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity, Specialization in Cybersecurity

Victoria is a client-oriented application developer that is especially focused on ensuring that the products that get developed not only suit the needs of the client, but also free of vulnerabilities within the source code that is written and the configuration of the servers and networks the products may be hosted on. At the LCDI, most of her time has been spent helping expand the seating chart system, and later developing the back-end of the Case-Management system, which tracks projects for the forensic investigators.