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The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity is a world-class laboratory where students from Champlain's undergraduate programs work alongside professionals on projects involving cybercrime, digital forensics, and information assurance. 

While retaining a foundation in digital-forensic consulting services, the Leahy Center has grown to provide additional offerings, including service, management, and end-user support of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity vulnerability assessments, and IT policy review. Through serving numerous industries such as law enforcement, private investigation, and civil casework, the Center has become a trusted consultant throughout the State of Vermont.

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Types of Professional Services Offered by The Leahy Center

Managed IT Services

Using a unique approach that combines our expert staff, faculty, and students, the Center provides a personalized experience when managing client IT assets as well as customized training of workforce employees to increase productivity utilizing their IT resources. Going beyond excellent management of day-to-day IT operations, our clients have come to expect both exceptional emergency response and sound advice on IT policy. By offering varying levels of service, our clients are able to choose a plan that works for their organization without unneeded cost increases.

Network Security Monitoring

With the threat of cyberattacks rising over the years, so too has the need for organizations to understand the activity that occurs on their network 24/7. By conducting around-the-clock monitoring of network activity and transactions, the Center is able to detect, prevent, and protect from potential security risks for organizations of any size, small or large. Continuous analysis of threats and vulnerabilities allows organizations a level of visibility that prevents future attacks and is beneficial to investigations of suspicious activity.

Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement Professionals

Since its inception, the Leahy Center has been focused on supporting law enforcement agencies throughout Vermont. The Center provides agencies with direct assistance on various components of their investigations through its expansive array of resources , including digital forensic analysis, process analysis, and research & development. The Center continues to provide advice on future technical needs and finds solutions that fit each specific agency.

Expert Analysis for Law Firms

In today's society, technology plays a part in just about everything—including crimes. To ensure the digital data is properly examined, cataloged, and interpreted in a prompt and cost-effective manner, The Leahy Center utilizes trained experts and the latest forensic technologies. Our lab is built to international standards with staff from around the world, each bringing expertise in a variety of backgrounds.

Organizational Investigations & Examinations

Organizations of all kinds rely on technology to remain competitive in today's economy. Employers need to protect themselves from digital espionage by having policies and procedures in place regarding the recording, storage, and retrieval of digital records. The Leahy Center provides help creating a clear cybersecurity plan and determining if an internal crime has been committed and to what extent.

Data Recovery

Has an employee mistakenly deleted a file? Did they delete work emails or files before leaving for a new job with a competitor? In cases like these, it is important to entrust valuable data to professionals who do this as a career, not a hobby. The Leahy Center works on computers, phones, portable drives, and any data devices to recover what was once lost.

Research & Development

Our research & development projects are a critical component of the Leahy Center's mission, and strive to discover improvements in the world of cyber and forensic investigations. From the analysis of techniques and procedures to the breakdown of forensic artifacts from new technologies, The Leahy Center has been developing solutions for its customers since its inception. Efforts in this space are primarily conducted by enrolled students who benefit from applying the skills they learn in the classroom to real-life applications and are supervised by college staff and faculty.

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