Looking for an intern? Have a full time position you need to fill? Curious about what Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation & Cybersecurity students can offer your organization?

Below you will find a list of The Leahy Center juniors and seniors who would be a great asset to your team.

Amanda JohnsonCybersecurity & Digital Forensics Analyst

Major: Computer & Digital Forensics with a Cybersecurity Minor

Specialization: Cybersecurity: Threats & Mitigation

Amanda Johnson

I'm a senior at Champlain College pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Digital Forensics, with a specialization in Threats and Mitigation, and a minor in Cybersecurity. I'm a passionate, hardworking student and employee who has a thirst for continued education. I excel in interpersonal communication and leadership roles, skills which I've developed while working at the LCDI for the past six semesters.

During my time at the LCDI, I've worked on several projects, including: Bluetooth Vulnerability Assessment, Network Defense Project, Forensic Tool Comparison Project, and the Digital Citizenship Project. Currently, my position is a Tier 2 Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic Analyst for the LCDI’s Security Operations Center, with a focus on network operations. In this position I help monitor client networks for inconsistencies by leveraging centralized logging platforms the team has developed.

In my free time I am also the President of Champlain College's Digital Forensics Association. Utilizing the skills and experiences from my time at the LCDI and my internship as a Digital Forensics Intern at Travelers Insurance, I look forward to starting my career in the Computer and Digital Forensics industry.

Dylan FrancisIoT Forensics Research Assistant

Major: Computer Networking & Cybersecurity with a Computer & Digital Forensics Minor

Dylan Francis

Specialization: Cybersecurity

I'm a senior and currently work as a Research Assistant with the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI). During my time at the LCDI, I've gained experience in research and development in cybersecurity, computer networking and digital forensics. In addition to the research conducted at the LCDI, I conduct my own research on IoT devices with a focus on data privacy. My previous projects have included Bluetooth Vulnerability Assessment, Application Analysis, and IoT Artifact Analysis.

Jack FarleyMalware Research Assistant

Major: Computer & Digital Forensics

Jack Farley

Specialization: Computer Science

I am a junior at Champlain College, studying Computer & Digital Forensics with a minor in Computer Science. I’m from upstate New York, I have 6 dogs, and I always love learning new things!

During the school year I work as a Research Assistant at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation. I have worked on a few projects such as: Malware Analysis, Bluetooth Tracking Analysis, Application Analysis and Forensic Tool Evaluation.

Over the summer of 2018, I had the fantastic opportunity to work as a Computer Forensics intern at Sony in Herndon, VA. Some of the new and exciting things I learned from my internship are as follows: ISP/JTAG Extractions, x86 Assembly, Simple Reverse Engineering, and Malware Analysis.

In my spare time, I work with my professor Yogesh Khatri on his project Mac_Apt, which is a Python based framework that parses various Mac OS artifacts. I’ve written a few plugins for Yogesh, which include: Print Jobs Plugin, iMessage Plugin, iDevice Backup Plugin, and GUI for the entire project (in progress).

I also work on a few side projects that, when ready, I'll publish to my own website- farleyforensics.com

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Jonathan CastroSecurity Operations Center Team Member

Major: Computer & Digital Forensics with a Cybersecurity Minor

Specialization Cyber Threats & Mitigation

Jonathan Castro

As a rising senior at Champlain College studying Computer and Digital Forensics, I've developed skills and gained knowledge in many areas of digital forensics and cybersecurity, including incident response, data recovery, and system/server hardening.

During my time at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI), I have gained two years of experience in research and development in the areas of digital forensics and cyber security. Projects I have worked on include MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) Chat Forensics, Bluetooth Vulnerability Assessment, and Mobile Application Forensics. I currently work as a Security Operations Center (SOC) team member, where I am assisting with the development of the LCDI's SOC infrastructure, and with the creation of deployment scripts for security monitoring software.

Sarah HubbardMarketing Assistant

Major: Graphic Design & Digital Media with a Motion Graphics Minor

Sarah Hubbard

I have been a graphic designer for the LCDI since my first year at Champlain. I'm tasked with a variety of different projects, from creating flyers to digital icons. I have also been taking charge of photography and making sure that the other marketing assistants have good quality images to post on our social media. I enjoy working for the LCDI because the job allows for a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to expand my vision for the LCDI's brand identity while staying in line with Champlain College's branding.

Zachary BurnhamCybersecurity & Digital Forensics Analyst

Major: Computer & Digital Forensics

Zachary Burnham

Specialization: Cybersecurity

I'm a rising senior currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer & Digital Forensics with a specialization in Cybersecurity. I'm passionate, driven, and eager to take the knowledge, communication, and leadership skills I’ve developed into the global cyber-domain. I have experience working with clients to meet their needs in both a personal and professional manner, with recent work involving SOC services.