Entrepreneurship For Good

Socially Responsible Business & Leadership Program

July 8-14, 2018

The E4G summer pre-college program for high school students

What it's all about

Entrepreneurship for Good is a one-week summer business program for high school students who want to do something meaningful and purposeful in their lives. At the Champlain College campus overlooking beautiful Lake Champlain, students will develop new skills and learn to use the power of business to make the world a better place, by creating a new product, service or experience that will  address a social problem or cause.

Whether you are interested becoming a business entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur or you see yourself working in human services, education or most any other leadership position, you can learn how to build a strong and sustainable organization that carries out good work. Join with other students to develop businesses and non-profit organizations that will thrive and, in the process, help relieve chronic social problems ranging from poverty, hunger and homelessness to the environment, literacy, human rights amd the well-being of children.

This residential summer learning experience offers the chance to build new skills, get a taste of college life, and connect with other highly-motivated high school students who are passionate about making a difference.

Learn by doing

Working in highly-energized teams, students develop skills in virtually every aspect of business management and social entrepreneurship. From the first day, you will learn through personalized strengths-based activities and workshops to develop a new business concept of your choosing. You will spend most of the week developing a business model for an organization that will do more than just make money: it will improve the lives of people in our communities and perhaps around the world. You'll work closely with experienced professors and successful entrepreneurs, who act as personal mentors. At the end of the week, each team presents their finished proposal to a panel of business and non-profit leaders.

For complete information about this unique learning experience, link to the Program Details page.